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Welcome to TK's Roadtrip, the official journal of homeless and jobless TKas he drives from Kingston, Ontario, Canada through Colorado and northern California. The idea of this webpage is to chronicle the events of his journey so friends can keep track of his trek across North America.

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Disclaimer: These pages do contain errors, omissions, misrepresentations, and, at times, outright lies.

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Pre Road Trip Documentation

Hi Kids! My name is TK. Here's a picture of my mom and dad at convocation. That's me in the middle with my MBA degree!!!

May 22, 1997 (l to r - SK, TK, and GK)

Below are two pictures of my fishing trip at Lake Opeongo in Algonquin Park, Ontario.

May 11, 1997 ( l to r - CH, BA, JA, TK, MAR, and "no fish" JP.

And another picture of me with my 7 pound lake trout


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Road Trip Documentation

May 26 Morning Update

May 23, 1997

May 23 marked the first day of the big road trip. I had to move out of my residence room in Kingston, Ontario. I drove to Toronto, a trip of only 2-1/2 hours. The weather was great that day, but the traffic was bad. I saw three automobile accidents on the way. One of them looked pretty bad - one car was upside down in the middle of highway 401. I saw a truck on fire too! I arrived in Toronto about 9:30 p.m.

May 24, 25, and 26

On Saturday my hosts, MH an MA, friends from my UWO days, mowed the lawn and planted flowers. I drank beer and supervised their work. We had a barbecue (steak, shrimp, and shishkebobs) Saturday night and drank plenty of red wine. Do I know the places to visit on a road trip or what!

Tomorrow, I head through Detroit and beyond!

May 26 Evening Update

I have had a few e-mails so far.....

From Alan Thomas in Malaysia (a friend from UWO, doing an MBA at UVic)

Return-Path: <> From: "Thomas, Allan" <> To: "''" <> Subject: The Roadkill Web Page Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 18:01:43 -0600


I would like to see a map of your route layed out. And each day, colour your progress a different colour so that we can actually see where you are and where you've been. Words are fine, but didn't you learn anything at that $####$ MBA school. PEOPLE NEED VISUALS. I'd also like to see a number of "hits" field if possible. I want to know if other people are as desparate for entertainment as I am.

Good luck young man. Boldly go where no computer geek has gone before (Detroit that is)!

By the way, your Sprint is considerred a luxory car here. So if chicks are teasing you about the size of your engine, just tell them that it's real big in Malaysia!!!!

From John Kingston in Edmonton, AB (my brother)

Return-Path: <> From: John Kingston <> To: "''" <> Subject: Web page Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 16:37:25 -0600


7 pounds?!!? It was 4 or 5 when I talked to you on the phone. I guess that is aprt of the lies, eh!

Comments on th web page:

get a background. The boring grey color just shows a lack of effort. Did you really get an MBA? I like the pictures allot. They look great. I suggest you try some client side image mapping on the pictures. For example, you could link to a page describing each person in the picture. It doesn't take much to make up a page with brief description of each person. Ver simple to do using Front Page try a few animated gifs

Take care

From George Kingston Weissler in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (my first cousin and next destination)

Return-Path: <> Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 18:29:25 -0400 From: Nancy Slichenmyer <> Subject: Re: Dirrections to Visit To: threeisl <> Content-Disposition: inline

Very Good, We are icing the beer and aging the steaks. You wanna take a shot at that 'anything you don't eat' ?? 14400, it's gotta be tough, they finally got me an Accura 288 DSVD, I feel for you. hey, Since the crash I'm back to 16 colors, can you save me?, could'nt even see your fish. g. KINGSTON w.

From John Morrison in Kingston, Ontario

Return-Path: <> Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 15:41:29 -0400 (EDT) From: John Morrison <> X-Sender: 3jrgm@qlink1 To: threeisl <> Subject: Re: The "Roadtrip" web page is up!!!

On Mon, 26 May 1997, threeisl wrote:

> > Hi all, > > The official road trip page is up and running. Check out >

Good stuff. Looking forward to the installments.

> I don't have a phone and am available by e-mail only.

Sounds like me ... no phone but on email.

> If I don't get any > encouraging e-mails, the web page will die :-(

Actually, it won't really die ... it will just hang around in index files forever. ;)

Email me to get in touch.

Cheers, John

From Tom Fournier in Kitchener Ontario (friend since Grade 12)

Return-Path: <> Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 17:06:51 -0700 From: Tom Fournier <> Reply-To: To: Subject: Webpage


Checked out the web page...looks great. Will bookmark and check for updates in your adventures.


P.S. Fish looks a tad on the small size for something that is supposed to be 7 lbs!

From John Vickers in Vancouver, B.C.

Return-Path: <> From: ( JOHN F VICKERS) Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 16:32:38, -0500 To: Subject: The "Roadtrip" web page is up!!!

hi Tom..

The address u gave me doesn't work...says it is not a correct address

is that three apostraphee's before the last 5tjk? anyhow, I reviewed your letter and did it exactly with no luck.


Some pictures I took this evening:

Mike Hannan and his dog Charlie

Michelle Lapointe doing some gardening

Mike and Michelle are the people I stayed with this weekend. A picture of their house is below.

My 1990 Chevrolet Sprint

That's it for now. The next update will be from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of George and Nancy.

May 28 Evening Update

Hi all. I'm still alive. I am in Evanston, Illinois, home of Northwestern University. Evanston is a suburb of Chicago, or something like it. I arrived just before midnight last night. I am staying with George Kingston Weissler, my first cousin and his wife Nancy Slichenmeyer. George Kingston is a wood carver and Nancy is an MBA from Northwestern University. She works for a French bank in Chicago and has worked there for fifteen years.

I had a busy day yesterday - left Toronto a little after 11 a.m. and stopped in London to take car of some banking, health insurance, etc. stuff. Those little details took about 2-1/2 hours so I was back on the road by 4:30 p.m. My mother will be glad to know that I bought extended health coverage. You know how mothers are. I also bought a CAA membership (the health insurance is cheaper to CAA members). The weather was great so I just kept on driving.

I went through the border at Detroit. No problems getting through the border either. The border guard asked me if I had any drugs in the vehicle. Corruption so soon in America, I thought to myself!! Well, I just up and told him that he could buy his own drugs and that I wasn't going to bribe him. I guess I must have scared him off and he let me pass (see disclaimer above).

Today, George and I did laundry at the laundromat. George asked me what sighseeing I wanted to do while I was here.... Sears Tower?, Chicago Bull's Stadium?, etc. I said, "Take me to the laundromat." George does the laundry in the house including Nancy's. George had to cut short a conversation we were having to put "bounce" in the dryer - he said Nancy really growls him out if he forgets with her clothes. He also said the only socks he loses are Nancy's, and inevitably, they are always her favourite pair.

It looks like I am going to stay here until Friday morning. Tomorrow we are going to visit George's sister, Mary, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about an hour and a half from here. We are going to have supper at an exclusive restaurant she manages. I haven't seen Mary for probably five years when she last visited Newcastle, New Bruswick.

Talking to George, he mentioned that his father, my uncle Joseph Weissler, lives in Boulder Colorado. Well, I got out the old Rand McNally, and it looks like Boulder is on the way, or just a little out of the way. It looks to be a two day drive from here, maybe three. George and I will have to call to see if he can take me in.

Below are two pictures I took this morning of George's wood carvings.

The Mail Bag, again

I have received some more e-mail to TK's roadtrip page. I think the e-mails are the best part of this page. Some are really funny. When I made this page, I informed people by Eudora and Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes was used for anybody in my MBA program; Eudora was used for all others. I am a little disapointed by the turnout from the Queen's MBA program. All of these e-mails are from the Eudora people with the exception of one.....

From Dave Gauthier in Kingston, Ontario (the only Lotus Notes guy and one of my MBA team members, I guess he feels sorry for me)

Return-Path: <"David _Gauthier"> Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 14:40:51 -0400 From: David Gauthier <"David _Gauthier"> To: Subject: a record of crime


The last thing you need is a documented record of your trip. U.S. State troopers are tough enough as it is, but with an electronic record of your crime spree, they are sure to track you down!

I look forward to following your adventure and have bookmarked your site. Have a great trip.


From John Vickers in Vancouver, BC ( I guess he figured out what the tilde ~ is)

Return-Path: <> From: ( JOHN F VICKERS) Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 18:55:20, -0500 To: Subject: WARNING FROM WHP

This is the Wisconsin Highway Patrol. Alerts on your vehicle have been posted. Road blocks are already underway in Madison and other urban areas will follow. Remember! As they say down here, "We respect MBA's, however protecting our citizens from MVA's as a result of a DWI is our mandate.


Officer Mark Farman

P.S. Thats Farman, not Furhman!

From George Kingston (my father) in Newcastle, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 21:35:21 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject:

A head hunter by the name of Dave Hartin at tel no 519 ____called today regarding a resume you must have made a couple of years ago. He apparently had a job in Thunder Bay, ON at a pulp mill as maintenance supervisor. I told him how to contact you at <>. I also told him you graduated with a MBA from Queens May 22, 1997. Told him you probably had done it, lived it, smelt it, ect concerning Maintenance and although he should contact you, you might possibly be interested. I also informed him you had taken a leave of absence from Repap. Tryng to impress on him what Repap thought of you. Told him you and Repap because of their present financial situation had parted company on good terms.

Other than that heard from Nancy & George. They were impressed with your Diary. We are well.

How many miles are you going to travel it will take weeks, a lot of gas, meals, and lodging costs. Enjoy your trip, take time to smell the roses, and do some sightseeing. This is likely the last time in your life that you will be able to take a trip like this. If you run short of cash let us know. The interest rate may be quite high on any loan from us, since we know you are out of work, have been fooling around in ON this last year, were let go by your previous employer, probably have questionable references. etc., ect.

See Ya Mom & Dad

From Dave Hartin in Kitchener, Ontario (an executive recruiter)

... I can't even get away for a short vacation without people crying for me to work for them!!

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 21:24:52 -0400 To: From: Dave Hartin <> Subject: Job Opportunity in Ontario

Hi Thomas, my name is Dave Hartin, Tech Hi Consulatants. I understand from a telephone conversation with your father that you have recently completed your MBA and are looking for job oppurtunities. I have several openings that I would like to discuss with you. Can you please contact me at (519)----

Regards, Dave

From Heather Slauenwhite in Victoria, BC

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 23:48:20 -0700 To: (threeisl) From: heather slauenwhite <> Subject: Re: The "Roadtrip" -- "wow!!"

hi tom

i checked out your roadtrip web page today -- just a few comments

1. the graphics suck - actually i didn't see the graphics because my computer sucks. it's too slow so i have to delete the images when i'm on the net, also the monitor keeps changing colour!!

2. you've inspired me to create my own web page for my roadtrip/reunion to malaysia - one problem - i have no idea how to do a web page - maybe next trip!

it looks like you've developed quite a following in a short safe and have fun!!

heather (HS - in TK speak)

From Rick Mann in Newcastle, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: To: (threeisl) From: Rick Mann <> Subject: Re: The "Roadtrip" web page is up!!! Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 08:15:38 -0300

Tom: I tried your link for mail on the page but it didn't work. I guess I must be desperately bored too. I want to cast my vote for a colored map of the trip.



May 30 Morning Update

Good Morning all!!! It is 8:45 a.m. in Evanston, Illinois. I am adopting a few conventions with TK"s roadtrip page. One, a large red title means an update (e.g. May 30 Morning Update, above). I think I will keep this convention. It's easy. Then I write some stuff. Then I edit/paste/copy the latest e-mails with a two or three sentence conclusion. I think I will keep this format for the remainder of the roadtrip. The two letter convention for people's names is history. It was a stupid idea.

I have had a lot of requests for a map. I haven't found a good map yet, but sometime in the next few days I hope to get one.

Yesterday morning, George and I drove Nancy to work and then we did a little sightseeing in Chicago's old town. The rest of the day, George and I worked on his computer. There were two problems - one, the printer didn't work and two, the computer froze up when you opened a .txt file and click "File" only when the computer is configured for 16 bit colour or higher. The problem does not happen at 256 colours or less. We did a couple of things. One, we downloaded and installed the Windows 95 Service Pack1. We also went to DEC's homepage and upgraded the BIOS from version 2.01 to 2.02. The BIOS upgrade was very delicate. I've never done the BIOS upgrade thing before. It's pretty scary. I think it was a good policy to do this on somebody else's computer before I did it on mine. Better to screw up somebody else's computer than your own. Well, these two changes didn't solve any of our problems. Then again, they didn't ruin anything either. I tried configuring the printer for well over two hours. We finally were able to determine that George's printer cord was defective. We used mine and everything worked fine. We haven't fixed the 16 bit colour problem. Before I arrived, George could get only 16 colours. Now, he can use 256, an improvement.

Last night, we went to the booming metropolis of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit George's sister Mary and "her man", Jack Kaestner. Joining us for dinner was Suzanne, George's other sister, and "her man" Dick Kaehler. The dinner party consisted of Kingston, Kaehler, Kaestner, Slichenmeyer, and three Weisslers. We went to a restarant called Martinis. Mary is the dining room manager. The drink of choice at Martinis is a martini, and large martinis. I had one, then a beer, and then a glass of wine. About 1/2 way through dinner, I was feeling just fine and inquired what the hell is in a martini. I promptly found out martinis are almost pure alcohol. George had three of them. He slept rather soundly in the back seat on the way home. We had a great meal. The service was amazing. It was pretty clear that Mary had put out the "word" that we were to be pampered with extra special care. We had a great time. It was the first time I had seen Suzanne since 1981 and it was the first time I met Dick. They are both engineers, are moving into a new house they had built, and are trying to get their prize show dog bred.

Over the last few days, we have had a few discussions about the Kingstons. George's mother is my father's sister. George informs me that his mother, Anne Marie, in 1947 or 1948, bought a second hand car in Newcastle, New Brunswick and drove it from there to Fairbanks, Alaska. Wow!..... and I thought my roadtrip was something special!!!. Supposedly, her brothers loaded up the car with spare tires before she left and she had only one flat tire.... pretty amazing considering the distance, the Alaska highway is a gravel road, and tires back then were probably poor by today's standards.

The Mail Bag

From Tim McCarthy in Nelson, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> From: "TIM McCARTHY" <> To: <> Subject: Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 21:10:53 -0300 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

Tom, I have been following you travels and I'm not very impressed with your schedule of events and if they do not improve I will probably have to go to some other web site for my entertainment. Hope you enjoy your trip and have a great summer before you have to get back to the real world. I will check in with you later.

Tim McCarthy

My comments: Smartass! :-)

Another one from that Alan Thomas guy in Malaysia

Return-Path: <> From: "Thomas, Allan" <> To: "''" <> Subject: What do you think? Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 18:27:56 -0600

Hey Tommy,

You know it's the 30th here in Malaysia and the last update was the 25th. I don't feel like I'm getting my money's worth from your web page. I may have to delete it from my favourite sites listing. Hey, Heather said she read my comments. How did she do that? I didn't see a comments Icon!

Anyway, Mike Hannan e'mailed me. That was kinda neat. Haven't heard from him in years. Is he married now? Speaking of marriage, Kirby got married in Japan last weekend. Will wonders never cease! Bye the way, I'm now 33 as of yesterday. Once again, our proportional age difference declines. 24/21 = 14.2%, 36/33 = 9.1%. (thank god that MBA thing taught me something).

Hope all is going well. Heather got here last night, but her luggage went to London, UK. Good old Air Canada. It arrives tomorrow morning! We're hopeing to head to Thailand soon and ride some elephants. Of course, she can do that anytime she wishes in Victoria !!! We'll probably be in Calgary the last week of August for a mini vacation and mini business venture, so that would be a good time for you to hunt for a job there, I figure!

The jobs here is OK but nothing too mind boggling. I was telling JV that working for the man doesn't cut it anymore, I think I need to be self employed. I couldn't even get today off even though Heather got here last night. The bunch of communists!

See you sometime in the next year or two,


and another one from Al

Return-Path: <> From: "Thomas, Allan" <> To: "''" <> Subject: RE: Last update was May 29 Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 00:51:18 -0600 Return-Receipt-To: <>

How are you TK. Refreshed your site and it worked fine. Excellent e'mails. Glad to see I topped the list. I let some of the locals see them, but they weren't impressed. Either they don't understand sarcasm or they don't read english! I haven't figured that out yet.

Tell Kris I said hi. I saw a picture of her baby that you sent me.

P.S. Swing by Columbus, Ohio and say hi to my buddies at the Franklin County Correctional Institute if you have time. Half of them should still be there!!!

My comments: Al was in Columbus Ohio on a roadtrip with a bunch of his friends from university in 1985. He was drinking, Al usually is. On his way home, somebody threw an empty 4 litre plastic milk jug at him. Without looking, he picked it up and threw it back in the general direction that it had come from. The only problem was there was a police officer in the "general direction". It hit him. He wasn't impressed. Al was arrested for littering and assault and spent the weekend in jail, before he saw the judge Monday morning. The assault charge was dropped.

From Clarence Craik in Newcastle, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> From: "" <> To: <> Subject: roadtrip follower Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 00:41:20 -0300 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

TK, Received your email about the web page. I checked it out and it looks good. Do you really think that that lunch box is going to get you where you want to go? ( it must have lots of heart!) Will be checking out your roadtrip to see what your up to.


From Terry and Bethy Cox in Everett, Washington (My brother-in-law and sister)

Tommy, What is happening on your trip? Keep me posted. Talk to you later.

May 31 Evening Update

Time for some pictures......

Kris Fletcher with her 20 month old daughter, Alaina

Kris Fletcher and her husband Rick Schroeder

Hi all, again. I am in Manhattan, Kansas. Kris was my neighbour for a few years when I went to Western. After Western Kris went to the University of Houston and became an optometrist. She married Rick, an optometrist she met at school.

I arrived in Manhattan this afternoon around 3 o'clock. I left Chicago Friday around noon. Ya know, I have been kicked out of people's homes before but when George Weissler kicked me out of his home, he said he wanted me not only out of his house, but out of the city and state, and gave me directions exactly how to do so. Actually, George, your directions to Manhattan were perfect. Thanks a lot. I spent last night at the Super 8 motel in Boonville, Missouri... the price was right. I had a hell of a time checking my e-mail last night. To dial a long distance call from the hotel, you have to dial "8" for an outside line, but you have to wait for about 2 seconds before you start dialing the 1-800 part. Windows 95 does not pause... well, actually it will, but it took me about 2 hours to figure out how. I tried every option I could think of. Finally, at my wits end, I decided to see what would happen if I put a comma after the "8". It worked.

Today, we had hamburgers on the barbecue with potato salad, and a garden salad. For dessert, we had ice cream topped with raspberries, blueberries, black berries and hot fudge. I really don't like berries too much but I didn't have the heart to tell Kris. It was a pretty special dessert so I bared down and ate it. It was pretty good. This evening we set up my tent that I bought a week ago. I haven't slept in it yet, but at least, I know how to set it up now. Then Kris and Rick gave me the grand tour of Manhattan, Kansas and the surrounding area.

The Mail Bag

From Terry Cox in Washington State somewhere

Return-Path: <> Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 09:47:25 -0500 From: "Terry M. Cox" <> Reply-To: Organization: InfoData To: Subject: Hello, Tommy!

How's it going? It looks like your having fun on your trek across the continent. Can you tell me where your ultimate destination is, so that I can be sure to miss you! Just kidding. Oh, we have moved from Everett, WA to Spokane, WA about four years ago. If you can make it out to the "Inland Empire", we would be happy to put you up for a few days. I hope you remember the USA is a country in which there is no such thing as a "free lunch!" I think it is in the Constitution somewhere.

From John Morrison, Kingston, Ontario

Return-Path: <> Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 13:08:41 -0400 (EDT) From: John Morrison <> X-Sender: 3jrgm@qlink1 To: threeisl <> Subject: Re: The "Roadtrip" web page is up!!!


Here is a source of maps. Basically, you can zoom in all the way from a map of the USA, down to the detail of a specific city block. I've attached a sample to this email.

Happy touring, John

My comments: John, I went to the web site above and found only city maps. I will try to get a map done tomorrow.

Mom and Dad, Newcastle, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 15:08:07 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject:

Sounds like you are having a great time. We will pass the news on about the Cousins you are FREELOADING of off. Tell them I, your father, have been used to this freeloading for years.

We enjoy your Diary and especially all the contributers comments.

Go easy on those Martinies and dont throw any parts of that heap of scrap you are driving for a car at any cops.

We have been checking for your email each day. We received only one before today. There was a flood of emails from your diary today.

See ya Mom & Dad

From John Kingston, Edmonton Alberta

Return-Path: <> From: John Kingston <> To: "''" <> Subject: JFK update Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 18:40:18 -0600


I see your web page is as ugly as ever. I am impressed with your cult following. Where should I send the money to save my soul?

Sounds like you are having a great time!

John K

From Will Vickers, Yellowknife, NWT

Return-Path: <> Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 21:00:58 -0834 From: Will Vickers <> To: Subject: The Rebel X-URL:

Tom You are just a Rebel without a cause! It sounds like the road trip you and I did in 1981..... Stay out of the ditches.....But I'm sure you matured since we were 19! It's midnight in Yellowknife.I should say afternoon. The sun is still up! Watching your every move!


From Karen Robinson, a current MBA student at Queen's University

KAREN ROBINSON 05/30/97 01:04 PM

To: Tom Kingston/QMBA/Ca cc: Subject: TK's roadtrip page

Hi TK!

Sounds like things are going well with your trip. Try to stay out of trouble in Kansas - Kingston just won't be the same if you're not around to visit.

MBAST '98 is going well - they haven't killed us yet. They're trying to, but so far no success.

Keep up the journal. I'll stop by later.


My comments: Thanks a lot Karen... Good Luck

June 02 Evening Update

It is 9:45 p.m. Kansas time Monday evening. It has been 10 days since I started my trip and I'm not 1/2 way to northern California. I am having a ball. I don't know if I ever want to work again.

When I arrived Saturday, Kris told me that she and Rick have been going to church since Alaina was born . She said I was welcome to come if I wanted to. I mentioned to Rick Saturday night that they could wake me a 1/2 an hour before they left for church in the morning, and I would decide then. They woke me at 9:45 a.m.( I was awake) and off we went to the Manhattan Menonite church. It was a really nice service, with probably 50 or so in attendance. The children sang a few songs. They also had a neat interactive "Sharing Our Joys and Concerns" part, where the congregation could share their joys and concerns with everybody. I really like that. Although my attendance at church is rather sketchy, I often do listen to the sermons when I am at church. The sermon dealt with four quick 'n easy rules for a successful (spiritual) life. They are

1. Show up

2. Pay attention

3. Go with your heart

4. Let go of the outcome.

I thought the sermon was pretty good. I'm not sure if I got the third one exactly right. If you have any questions, you can e-mail the pastor - I talked to him about his sermon and my roadtrip webpage and his e-mail is included in the upcoming mail bag.

After church, Rick mowed the lawn and Kris did some gardening. I took up my usual role as supervisor and beer drinker. The weather has been 25 degrees C ( 77 F) for all three days. It is quite hot and sunny in the middle of the day but cools off at night. Kris and Rick have a large deck at the back of the house that has a great view. I have spent a lot of time just sitting in a chair looking out at the blue sky.

Today is Rick's 33rdbirthday. We had dinner at his parents house here in Manhattan. Kris made the birthday cake. Rick's parents are super I ever eating well on this trip!! I spent the day getting Kris and Rick's computer connected to the internet. I installed AOL for them last night, but I couldn't believe how slow it was. First, AOL has only 14.4 access in Manhattan, Kansas and the effective transfer rate is only about 5. I was fed up so I decided we had to take the big step of going internet all the way. I contacted a local ISP, picked up the install disks and installed Eudora, Free Agent, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Web Phone, and Real Audio. These people are now "connected" big time. I have to show them how to use all this stuff once I finish this update.

Tomorrow morning I am heading to Boulder Colorado. I'm supposed to see this guy Joe. He hasn't worked in years. I have to find his secret. Bye for now.

The Mail Bag

From Mike Hannan, Toronto, Ontario

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 10:25:58 -0400 To: (threeisl) From: Michael Hannan <> Subject: Roadtrip and other associated matters


Does Al Thomas have anything else to do in Maylasia besides follow your escapades and send you e-mail? I guess Al really has changed!!

It was neat to see pictures of Kris and see what she is doing now, the baby looks good, tell her I said Hi. Only thing I don't understand: You finish optometry school and you can choose anywhere to live in the U.S. How in the #%$@#* do you end up in Manhattan Kansas!?!?

You've got the right plan TK, settle for nothing less than a place in the hills of northern California.

Cheers, Mike

From Steve Bishop, Bartibogue, New Brunswick

<> X-Sender: Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 14:55:31 -0300 To: From: Carmen Bishop <> Subject: tk

tom someone has been passing around a piece of paper at repap with your picture on it and your holding a diploma hope it didnt cost too much. congrats. have just finished reading about your trip to date sounds like u are doing alot bsing i have a plot if u want to bury that carrrrrr if and when it plays out. good luck freind steve bishop

From Eldon Epp, Pastor Manhattan Menonite Church

Return-Path: <> Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 17:34:38 -0700 From: Eldon Epp <> Reply-To: Organization: - To: Subject: Church in Manhattan

Greetings TK, Well I found Alta Vista AND your web site. It's too cool to see the pictures of Rick & Kris & Alaina from last night!

Good to meet you at church (YES, friends, Tom was in church- Manhattan Mennonite, to put in a plug) this morning! It appears from your web page & emails that you do have a few friends as well. (But of what quality...?) (Just kidding) (In fact those steak sounded so good I can almost smell `em.)

Drop by at church tomorrow if you've a chance. I expect to be there from 8:30 till 5:00ish. Pleasant journeying!

-Eldon Epp, Pastor Manhattan Mennonite Church (There- I just plugged it again)

My comments: Thanks for the e-mail, Eldon. It looks like you caught on to the culture of "TK's roadtrip" page right away.

From my sister Bethy in Spokane, Washington

Return-Path: <> Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 18:10:35 -0700 From: "Terry M. Cox" <> Reply-To: Organization: InfoData To: Subject: From Bethy in Spokane, Wa.

Tom, Sounds like you are having a great time living off the fat of the land! As for Willie's comment about you possibly maturing since you were 19, he has high hopes, doesn't he? Drive carefully and stay out of trouble. I would not want to be watching "Ten Most Wanted" and see your face.

From my sister Anne Marie in Calgary, Alberta

Return-Path: <> Comments: Authenticated sender is <> From: "firstep" <> To: Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 21:00:32 +0000 Subject: go west,then come visit the north Reply-to: Return-receipt-to: Priority: normal

HI TOM, Just checked your page,Bethy gave me the address,then had to phone John to get correct details. fred and Lynne have allowed me to use their computer. nice to have friends with the righr equipment. So, will your transportation get you to Calgary! You can freeload at Martha's or mine.--one smoke free, the other smoke filled. Glad to hear you are having fun . Will continue to an eye on your progess. I'llbe in Spokane after June 9.

Anne Marie

From Ron Stewart, a fellow Queen's MBA grad of '97

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 23:09:34 -0400 To: From: Ron Stewart <> Subject: My buddy the delinquent

Hi TK,

I'll bet that you thought that your MBA brothers had abandoned you, they didn't, they probably just don't give a damn about your road trip. But, (ooops I mean however - we wouldn't want to upset SC) I for one _do_ care. It appears that you are having a great time freeloading off of people across the continent! See the MBA did help you. The ROI you can obtain when using other people's money and resources is incredible. Well done. Geez, I thought that you didn't learn anything this year. BIG GRIN :-)

I'm on a road trip of my own now. I trekking across the country to get from Edmonton to Toronto. I start work on June 9th. Remember work TK? That job thing that you are supposed to get after the MBA? Just kiddin' I'm sure that you will be employed soon. I left early because I wanted some time to move into my new place of residence.

BTW I have neighbour that I already know. Sheela moved into the same building that I'm living in by complete fluke! Unbelievable huh? Try to be in Toronto by the end of June because Sheela and I are talking about hosting the inaugural Toronto .4% Club meeting. I'll let you know the exact date.

At any rate, I've been on the road for three days now and will be in Toronto tomorrow. I'm reporting to you from Sudbury tonight. I've nighted over in such exciting places as Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Nipigon, Ontario and now Sudbury. Actually it's been a pretty nice trip - other the sometimes poor roads in Manitoba and Ontario. It sure does make me miss the beautiful Alberta blacktop that I'm used to.

Take care TK and try to stay out of trouble.

PS I am gravely disappointed that you didn't know that a comma creates a pause for you when dialing. I thought that you were a "Bit Head". I guess I was incorrect. I'm glad that you figured it out.

See ya!

Ron Ron Stewart

MBA for Science & Technology Queen's University Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6

My comments: The 0.4% club is our Thursday night MBA drinking club. Ronny, it's about time I heard from you. Keep the e-mails coming. Send money too! P.S. Who is SC?

From Chris Halsted, a fellow Queens's MBA grad of '97 who went on the fishing trip

Return-Path: <> Date: Mon, 02 Jun 1997 20:23:48 -0400 From: Colleen <> To: Subject: Outrageous Fish Stories

Hello TK, You must be one of the most creative people in our MBA class, too bad the profs don't reward creativity. TO ALL THOSE READING, TK'S FISH WAS ONLY 4.5 pounds, and he only caught ONE!!!!!!!!! I on the other hand, the person on the far left of the picture, caught three, (3), trois, tres (spanish)fish which were much tastier and cuter than TK's. Colleen and I hope you are having a blast, and getting lotsa "fresh air" out there, but don't forget the goal somewhere in the planning was to get a job. Take Care and be safe, keep the updates comming.

Chris Halsted Colleen Coles

My comments: When we started the fishing trip, we were clear there would be a prize for the biggest fish and another prize for the first fish. I got both prizes. There was no prize for the most fish... you remember from finance - rewarding for "A" but expecting "B"

June 04 Evening Update

Hi again! It is 6:45 p.m., Wednesday June 4 in Boulder, Colorado. Joe has a pot roast cooking that should be ready in 1/2 an hour so I have to do this update quickly. I arrived in Boulder last evening around 6:30 p.m. Joe and I cooked barbecued spare ribs. Joe had a scotch or two and I had a beer or two. Before we knew it, it was 11:30 p.m... lots of talk about the Kingstons and New Brunswick. Here's a picture of Joe Weissler taken this afternoon.

I asked Joe what his secret was for not working these last few years. He said it was the 60 hour weeks he worked for the past 40 years. Yeah right.... a lot of good that advice is going to do me.

Joe eats very nutritionally. This morning he cooked rolled oats and weatena. I had some too, and so far, my body is not suffering from any rejection. It tasted okay. Joe makes amazing salads too. When we sit down to have supper, Joe gives me the full run down on all the different fruits and vegetables in the salad.

After breakfast, Joe and I toured Boulder. On the way we saw three baby raccoons, no more than two weeks old, in the middle of the road. As we drove by, they didn't move. They looked pretty lost; we did not see their mother anywhere. We drove on and hoped for the best for the poor little raccoons. On the way home, we did not see them. Joe remarked that there was no blood on the road so we remain hopeful. Say a prayer for the baby raccoons in Boulder.

Boulder is a really pretty city with a population of about 100,000. From Joe's front door, one can see the snow capped mountains. From the backyard, one can't see the mountains because the dense forest obscures the view. Boulder Creek runs through the center of the city. We walked along the creek for awhile. Then we went to "downtown Boulder" and walked along the Pearl Street mall. We had a beer on a patio.

We arrived home around 4 p.m. this afternoon. Joe had to go the bank this afternoon. On his way out he inadvertently (supposedly) locked the patio door and locked me outside. He was gone for only 1/2 an hour.

As I sit and write this, Joe has just pointed to the "Memories by the Measure" cookbook from Clinton Creek, Yukon, a place I used to live. Joe says he has the menu for tonight and tomorrow picked out, but Friday we will have something from the cookbook.

It's now time to go to the mailbag. We have some first time visitors this time. Check back in two days. Yes, another convention has been adopted by the management of this page - an update every two days.

The Mail Bag

From Mike Hannan, Toronto, Ontario

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 09:40:07 -0400 To: (threeisl) From: Michael Hannan <> Subject: Postings


It's nice to know you've found Jesus, Praise the Lord, but I must inform you that my e-mails are meant to be read in their entirety. As author of these jewels I take great offence at seeing them edited in such a cavalier manner. You don't like my lines about ____________?

Keep Trekking Mike

My comments: The editorial staff at "TK's roadtrip" reserves the right to edit any or all letters, including your stupid comment about __________.

From Mary Ellen Kingston (my cousin), Newcastle, NB

Return-Path: <> Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 03:28:51 -0700 From: MEKR <> Organization: government - hr To: Subject: HI THERE! X-URL:


I am so envious!! There is only a few weeks between our ages, but I definitely am the old one. I was home doing some research for a big project I have due this week when I checked my e-mail. Your father sent me a note to check out your web sight. WOW!!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity which a lot of us won't have a chance to do until we are retired. Take as much time as you can to smell the roses -- and anything else that comes along :>) Well, I best get back to my work or I will be in a heap of trouble. Take Care..Mary Ellen

From John Vickers, Vancouver, BC

Return-Path: <> From: ( JOHN F VICKERS) Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 15:27:54, -0500 To: Subject: NHL UPDATE

Don Cherry was noticably absent during Coaches Corner for game 1 on was noted he had family emergency..then last night it was announced his wife Rose died suddenly and he won't be returning for the duration of final.


From John Morrison, Kingston, Ontario

Return-Path: <> Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 15:39:32 -0400 (EDT) From: John Morrison <> X-Sender: 3jrgm@qlink1 Reply-To: John Morrison <> To: threeisl <> Subject: Re: The "Roadtrip" web page is up!!!

> My comments: John, I went to the web site above and found only city > maps. I will try to get a map done tomorrow.

Ok, Tom. Go to Enter "Boulder, Colorado". Zoom out using the little yellow balls at the base of the table/map.

Or just go to and pick one.

Take care TK and try to stay in and out of trouble.


My comments: Yeah.... that damn map thing. I really do have to do that sometime.... maybe tomorrow :-)

From Anne Marie Kingston (Calgary, AB)

Return-Path: <> Comments: Authenticated sender is <> From: "firstep" <> To: Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 16:37:28 +0000 Subject: gwtcn Reply-to: Return-receipt-to: Priority: normal


You certainly are having agreat time!! Sam and Jay would like to see their Uncle Birthday cake and have some of those great cookies !! So ,what's the plan?? I,m attending a bridge tournament while in Spokane. See ya in the web pages!!


My comments: When Sam and Jayson, my nephews, were young, I was known as Uncle Birthday Cake.

From Aloysius Kingston (my uncle and Mary Ellen's father)

Return-Path: <> Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 19:53:18 -0300 From: Al Kingston <> Reply-To: To: Subject: Very Good Page

When are you going Poaching ? see you Al Kingston

My comments: Poaching? Never heard that word before :-)

From Tim McCarthy, Nelson, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> From: "TIM McCARTHY" <> To: <> Subject: Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 20:23:36 -0300 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

Tom, I think you might have to trade that little car because every time I read your updates it seems that all you do is eat and drink.Your probably getting quite big by now and I don't if that car can carry such a load.Sounds like your having a great time.WHAT A COUNTRY. Tim McCarthy

My comments: The little sprint is really taking a lot of abuse this trip. It takes a litre of oil every 2nd fill-up, and recently has difficulty shifting into 1st gear occasionally. Go easy on the old sprint. It might not make it. Tim, get my web page address published in the Repap Recap :-)

From my Dad (political strategist and Gaspereau Historian)

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 20:25:35 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject: TK Road Trip Cc:

As they say in NB "How She Going".? Are you in Boulder Colorado now? If yes say hello to a prince of a Person Joseph Weissler. Your uncle, My Brother in Law. I often think of the time Joseph married My sister Ann Marie and Joseph's father was here for the wedding. Joe's father and I took a drive up the North West Miramichi, to where Monica and Bills Vickers's camp is now - well the Gaspero were running and most people will not believe it ,but if you stood in the water a foot or so off shore and just scopped towards shore with your hands, a half dozen Gaspero would be caught. The river was simply full of Gaspero spawning that time of year, which was about this time of year. Joseph will attest that his father often talked about these Gaspero. They are comerically fished each year on their way from sea salt water to fresh water in the rivers wher they spawn. They are shipped to the US of A and around the world for food. Maritime residents would not dare eat them, and up untill recent times used them for fertalizer by scattering them in potatoe and other crop fields and then plow them into the soil. Only a few if any Gaspero get as far up river as Monica and Bill's camp now.

As you know we had a federal election yesterday. The Liberals won 155 seats, a majority is 151. So they just scraped by. I was terribly worried that we would have a minority government (a party with less than 151 seats). The Liberals had 174 seats in the last parlament. The separatist ( the Bloc Quebois) now have 44 seats they previously held 54 seats. The reform party won 60 seats and are now the official opposition replacing the Bloc who were the official opposition in the last parliament. Reform did not get a seat east of Ontario. The Conservatives took all seats in NS except one which has to be recounted. The liberals took all the Ontario seats except two. All in all NDP have 21 seats and Conservatives 20. To have an official status a party must have at least 12 seats. All parties now have more tan 12 seats.

A minority government would be a disaster in my opinion, firstly because of instabilityand nothing or very little bills passed, and secondly with a minority there probably would be another federal election within 18 months, an additional unecessary cost to us tax payers. To say nothing about the unity situation with Quebec. One the lessons or messages given the Liberals was that Doug Young was defeated. The NDP took his seat. If you do not remember- Doug Young was the Guy who led the changes to the unemployment Insurance, was involved in some of the changes to the fishery, (many licences were not allowed to be renewed), and recently was spearheading the fight to end the Samolia Inquiry. Added to this the Provincial government closed a number of schools in his riding. He had an uphill battle with all the things people would blame on him. He is a person who has always called things as he sees them. He does his job without regard of the impact on himself or other individuals. Sounds like a good candidate for CEO of some outfit that needs to be reorganized.

Tell Joseph that we are looking forward to his and whomever in his family visit NB this fall. Their are lots of beds around.

See Ya Mom and Dad. Enjoy your self!!

From Bill Mullin, Guelph, Ontario (Queen's MBA '97 Grad)

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 19:48:56 -0400 To: From: Bill Mullin <> Subject: Job Lead Tech Hi Consultants


Thanks for the job lead (Tech Hi Consultants).

Just kidding.


From Dave Ivany, Douglastown, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) To: From: Dave and Angela Ivany <> Subject: Road trip Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 21:22:37 -0300

Hi Tom, I was just catching up on your antics. Sounds like your having a blast! I printed the first three pages of the web page for the Groundwood gang but I won't be doing that anymore because your page is getting huge!

Keep on truckin' (or at least Sprintin')

I'll stay tuned


My comments: It certainly is getting huge; I had no idea what shape "TK's roadtrip" would become.

From Brig Henry, Montreal Quebec (Queen's MBA '97 Grad, one hell of a hard working guy... damn good guy to have on our team)

Return-Path: <> Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 20:40:18 -0700 From: Brig Henry <> Reply-To: Organization: QUEENS MBA To: Subject: hello from another group 5.

Tom! Was thinking that you might stop in Montreal, all well....We'll be heading out to Vancouver the 18th of June; after a short trip to New York, and Quebec City. Glad to see that you are having fun. Despite the return address above, you can NOW reach me at


From Mark Youngman, Toronto, a neighbour from my UWO days

Return-Path: <> Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 20:50:04 -0700 From: "Mark R. Youngman" <> Reply-To: To: Subject: the journey

tk (grandpa as you were fondly referred to at western)

how goes it? mh gave me your website address to tag along for the ride. hope you don't mind. its been a long time (fredericton - 1990) since our last meeting. at that time you had a real car. just don't forget to feed the hamster every day or he just won't perform and you'll end up stuck in *@$%*## USA.

it would be nice to see some colour pictures. time for a new camera

don't forget to look at bill when you get to cally - that's gates not clinton

have fun


From Kris Fletcher and Rick Schroeder in Manhattan, Kansas

Return-Path: <> Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 21:46:32 -0500 From: Kris Fletcher and Rick Schroeder <> Reply-To: Organization: The Eye Doctors To: Subject: (no subject)

Dear Tom, I must say the house seems a lot different since you left us this morning. The fridge and back door don't seem to be opening and closing as often- just kidding! Alaina came home this afternoon and ran up to your room and asked "Tom?" "Tom?". Wow, I guess you can leave an impression on the females, I never knew. As you know I worked today and it feels great to have half my work week over- I'm such a slave to my profession. I told stories of TK to my employees and they didn't seem impressed, oh well. I did though, enjoy your visit very much and I thank you for all your work on our computer system. I hope your drive to Colorado went well and enjoy those Rocky Mountains. We'll be watching your progress. A short comment to Mike Hanan in Toronto about his Kansas remark. All I have to say is " How are those 6 month winters in the great north? I've seemed to have forgotten as we only have about 2 months of cold weather here!" Just joking Mike. Tom says you have a good life in T.O. and I'm happy for you. Take care, TK we'll talk to you soon. Kris Fletcher

My comments: Gee, I must have done a good job setting these folks up on the internet!! Send these people some e-mail -- they're new to the 'net and you remember when you were new.

From ????

Return-Path: <> X-Authentication-Warning: firewall: Host [] claimed to be S55881 Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 15:41:30 -0700 From: Bruce Elliott <> Organization: London Life To: Subject: help with maps X-URL:

I think we may have met a few years ago when I shared a house with Hannan on Roehampton Ave. in TO. Anyway I'm a friend of Mike's (we also used to work together). He passed along your website for a few laugh's. By the way he said that Michelle is still steamed at all of your "supervising" and free-loading ways. I may be able to solve your map problem. Check out You can build customized maps between any places in US with stops along the way as long as they are under 1500 air miles. I guess it takes a man with a real business degree (UWO HBA '88) to help out a bunch of Queen's biz-knobs. You should check out Provo, Utah on your way out. It sounds like a nice place and you could get two or three wives to supervise. May be the secret that you seek. Hope you have a/c in that excuse for a car. Good Luck!

From Kelly Enright, Newcastle, NB

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 23:05:37 -0300 To: From: Kelly Enright <> Subject: test of e-mail

Hi Tom, Try this, (cut and paste) let me know how it works. Visited Robert's tonite, nice place.


My comments: Kelly has sent me two e-mails previously. I have tried to cut and paste his e-mails but they wouldn't paste. He was using some really strange e-mail software. Kelly, it is working.

That's it for today. I am considering looking for work in Boulder.... just considering and just considering the looking part. I will likely be in Boulder until at least the end of the weekend. See ya in two days.

June 06 Evening Update

Hi once again! Exactly two weeks ago I left Kingston, Ontario. It has been a great trip so far. Yesterday was a great day. Joe got up early and did his usual 20 mile cycle trip. I got out of bed long after he had returned. He's out of bed usually just after 6:00 a.m. When I got out of bed, Joe and I worked on his stereo. The sound in one of his speakers was pretty weak. We narrowed down the problem to the wiring between the amplifier and the speaker. The speaker was fine. We found a shorted connection and repaired it. It looked like it had been wired by a civil engineer from the University of Wisconsin. The stereo sounds perfect now.

After the stereo was fixed, Joe and I went on a roadtrip of our own to the mountains. First we travelled north for about 45 miles and then we headed west right into the mountains. We went through Rocky Mountain National Park. We saw mountains over 14,000 feet and we drove the car to an elevation of 11,300 feet... some awesome scenery. I am a little afraid of heights. Joe had some fun with this. When it was clear that the road winded to the left and there was a cliff to the right, Joe would ask which way I thought we should go - left or right. Nice guy, huh! You'd think a psychiatrist would be a little more sensitive to these things. Those 60 hour work weeks are beginning to make sense. After we finished with Rocky Mountain National Park, we drove south for about 45 miles and then drove down Boulder Canyon. In a short 17 miles, one goes from an elevation of about 8500 feet to about 5300 feet through a rock gorge etched out by Boulder Creek. It is an amazing drive with lots of turns.

On our way home Joe and I stopped at the liquor store to get our weekend liquor. Joe bought Scotch and I bought beer. We got home around 7 p.m. It had been a good day so far so Joe had a few scotches and I had a few beer. I don't think we sat down to eat until 10:30 or so. We definitely had a good glow on last night and had a few tunes playing on the stereo. Joe is originally from St. Louis and he really likes jazz. He introduced me to a few artists with lots of "energy" as he puts it. We listened to "Louis Prima and Keely Smith", "Billy Eckstine", and, after Joe was well into the scotch, "Buckwheat Zydeco". The senior citizen generation these days.... I just don't know what to make of them!! For supper we listenened to a little John McDermott. Last night was a really fun night.

Today, Joe and I took it easy. I have decided to stay in Boulder for most of June so I set up my desktop PC in the dining room. The dining room is my office from now on, as I have informed Joe this evening. It was my turn to cook supper so we had spaghetti and a chianti red wine. Other than that, the day was rather uneventful. We have had thunder showers since noon today.

The Mail Bag

From Tom Fournier in Kitchener, Ontario

> Q: How many Bre-x employees does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

> A: What light bulb? >

> >>>A drunk man who smelled like beer sat down on a subway seat next to a priest. The man's tie was stained, his face was plastered with red lipstick, and a half empty bottle of gin was sticking out of his torn coat pocket. He opened his newspaper and began reading. After a few minutes the man turned to the priest and asked, "Say, Father, what causes arthritis?"

"My Son, it's caused by loose living, being with cheap, wicked women, toomuch alcohol and a contempt for your fellow man."

"Well, I'll be damned," the drunk muttered, returning to his paper.

The priest, thinking about what he had said, nudged the man and apologized. "I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to come on so strong. How long have you had arthritis?"

"I don't have it, Father. I was just reading here that the Pope does".

From George Weissler and Nancy Slichenmeyer

Return-Path: <> Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 10:17:30 -0400 From: Nancy Slichenmyer <> Subject: Boulder To: "" <> Content-Disposition: inline

Tom, Great to hear you've made it to Boulder. Tell my dad that Nance and George are working on a plan that will get us to Boulder in early to middle July before a quick stop in Cheyenne and a return to work. Tell him we will talk to him first and not to worry about any previously made plans on his part, we will work around those. Enjoy Boulder and those beautiful mountains. We will be keeping up with the web site and add more later. So long for now, Geo

From my Dad

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 12:14:25 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject:

Hi! Received yuor latest update. Glad to see you know how to spell Gaspereau. (Kris Fletcher & Rick Schroeder in Manahattan, where Tom Got Religious all of a sudden) will really be proud of Their State. In spite of the possibility of the Chamber Of Commerce chasing me out of town or even out of Canada. Rick to tell you the truth our winters are considerably longer than six months. We are still having heavy frost at nights. Last year we had a really heavy frost much later than this an it ruined the little guys potatoe crop and gardens. You can see I am not a member of the Chamber Of Commerce. Oh well its the truth. Here in the eastern part of the province our weather is very changeable this time of year. I write this coolness off to the Ice Bergs in the Northumberland Straight. The East winds sure drive the Salmon up the rivers though. So there is some good in everything if you look for it. Even Tom has a good point or two. We still love him though.

Tom did you know that Joseph (the place where you are currently freeloading) is an MD and a Psychiatrist. He would never have time to straighten you out!!!!!, But You know there is always hope. As My Mother would say God love you and Joseph.

Joseph! Thank you for letting him freeload for a time. We here in the north country appreciate you for this and many other things you have contributed to us and our north country family over the years. I know Tommy appreciates having you on his route. I am sure he will remember this particular stop and even the baby racoons.

See Ya Mom & Dad, Watch for the Cops, slow down the heap will consume less oil. We envy you.

From John Vickers in Vancouver, BC

Return-Path: <> From: ( JOHN F VICKERS) Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 11:28:51, -0500 To: Subject: Howdy

Sorry I missed your phone call. Had a hot date last night and wasn't allowed to go home. Calgary is only 10 hours from here so I hope we eventually see you swing north from California and then east. (The I- 5 highway in Northern Washington state ends 4 miles from here.)

Game 3 tonight in Detroit with the Wings up 2-0. Flyers going back to Hextall as Snow let more shots in from the blueline than he did in Game 1. Could be a sweep buddy.

From Suzanne (Joe's daughter ) and Dick Kaehler in Wisconsin

Return-Path: <> Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 16:11:45 -0400 From: Sue & Dick Kaehler <> Subject: Hi Tom To: Tom Kingston <> Content-Disposition: inline

Hi Tom,

It was nice meeting you again after 16 years! But, where's the map? It's been almost a week since you were here in Milwaukee and I figured by now there would be an elaborate color coded route guide. :)

Greetings to all my Kingston relatives! Hi Dad!

Tom, you sound like a handy guy. Would you mind trying to help Joe with his audio system while you're there in Boulder? Thanks, cousin!

Hope your little car can negotiate the Great Divide without too much trouble. Good luck and happy trails! Suzanne Weissler Kaehler

My comments: I liked the map comment, Suzanne. Did you like the wiring comment about the engineer from the University of Wisconsin?

From Mary (Joe's daughter) and Jack Kaestner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Return-Path: <> Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 14:25:49 -0400 From: Jack R Kaestner <> Subject: Hi Tom and Joe! To: threeisl <> Content-Disposition: inline

Heya Tom Knigston! FINALLY I can write to you! Thanks for sending the notes...all I had to do was hit "reply" and am now responding! When I typed in your web address I got a big list of some university's web sites...I reconfirmed your address with George and I did have the correct one. I'm going to try to access it directly through Compuserve rather than going to the net cover page. George said that's how he finds it so hopefully it will work for me too. Do you have dad fascinated enough to go out and purchase a computer yet? LOL He would have such a blast! Well, I hope you two are having a grand time together! Write and tell me what you've been up to! And hey...tell dad thanks for the "book" and the pictures! Sounds like he had a wonderful trip...but so sorry to hear about the flu attack! Tom, it was so great to see really glad you were able to get to Milwaukee. That was such a nice evening we all had together at Eddies. Are you passing through on your way back? <hoping so> Well, I gotta dash off to the salt glad we can finally correspond! Will be waiting to hear from you guys! Be good!

Much love, Mary

Late Friday Night June 06 Special Update

We have a map!!! Special thanks to John Morrison on this one.... Click here to see John's tribute to Manhattan Kansas Here is the map. The colour coding will come some time later.

June 08 Update

Hello once again from Boulder, Colorado. Joe and I have had a pretty quiet weekend. As usual, Joe was up early Saturday morning and did his 20 mile bike run. We went food shopping in the afternoon for the lasagna I made Saturday evening. We used fresh oregano from Joe's garden. The lasagna turned our great. Today I did my laundry. This morning Joe went for a 60 mile bike run. I didn't see him until noon. Joe made another excellent salad and we had left over lasagna for supper. We watched boxing on TV for about two hours.

I have to fix up my resume tomorrow and pick up my suit from the dry cleaners. Tuesday I will actually look for a job. That's it for now.

The Mail Bag

From Rick Mann in Newcastle, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> Date: Sat, 07 Jun 1997 07:59:45 -0300 From: Rick Mann <> Reply-To: To: Subject: UPDATE

Goodmorning Tom:

Sounds like your trip is going well. I thought the map was going to have your route marked on it? Mary says hello. I,m still working on the project for DLC. It was only supposed to take four months, but, I think I'll be working at it the rest of my life. Too bad it's a flat rate bid, if it was cost plus I would be getting rich. Darren and I went to visit Robert on Tuesday to check out his new house. He was out so we ended up at Joe's garage (I was in a little better shape this time when I went home). I updated the boys on your trip. Drop me a line if you get a chance.


From my Dad

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Sat, 07 Jun 1997 11:56:32 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject:

I trust Joseph is enjoying your visit as much as you are enjoying Joseph's hospitality.

We are enjoying the news of your trip. Are you guys sure you saw those baby racoons and that you both were not suffering from the DT's. The Popes arthritis, and causes will catch up with you guys.

See Ya Dad & Mom, ENJOY

From John Vickers in Vancouver, BC

Return-Path: <> From: ( JOHN F VICKERS) Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 12:25:18, -0500 To: Subject: hi

Hi Tom,,

Your web site could serve as the kick start of a pending Kingston reunion back on the Miramichi. Wouldn't it be great? I think I have Kingston first cousins I have never even met. How long has it been - 16 years since the clan got together? It really is a clan - its big enough.

Hey, "Reunion in 2000 - Celebrating the third century of Kingston hertiage in North America" sounds pretty cool to me. Maybe you and I could re-enact our founding fathers - we could wear traditional clothing, walk around and drink liquor out of a bottle and before mass on the deck at the camp, we would profess our love for the protestant church! <in case you didn't know we had a great, great grandfather back there somewhere who went from protestant to catholic on his death bed>

Good luck on the job hunt. If your are unsuccessful in the short term, we could hold a collection on your behalf at the reunion. <grin>


From Sue (Joe's daughter) and Dick Kaehler in Wisconsin

Return-Path: <> Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 13:27:54 -0400 From: Sue & Dick Kaehler <> Subject: Boulder update To: Tom Kingston <> Content-Disposition: inline

Dear Tom,

I knew you'd be able whip that stereo system into shape. Thank you! Regarding your comment about the engineer from UWM... Hey, I know nuttin about no whizzin electrons. I leave that stuff to the MBAs.

It sounds like you and Dad are having a grand time. Wish I could be there to join in the fun. Did you know that my Dad can make you a really good martini? Stuffed olives, the whole nine yards. He plays the accordion too. And, as you know by now he's also an excellent cook... just don't let him have too much scotch before he adds the spices.


P.S. I see some kind soul has sent you a map. I'll be watching!

From Tom Fournier in Atlanta, Georgia

Return-Path: <> Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 07:25:05 -0700 From: Tom Fournier <> Reply-To: To: Subject: Hello T.K.!

Hey T.K.

Travelling myself right now, writing you from Atlanta. Penny and I are down here for 5 days.

Your description of your car is beginning to concern me ... a litre of oil every 2 days?!? That little valve-ticker might be giving up the ghost. A tip for you, when you start putting in more oil than gas you are in big trouble.

Take care and good luck with your travels.


From Father Cornelius Kingston (my father's first cousin) in Toronto, Ontario

Return-Path: <> Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 08:47:48 -0300 From: "Cornelius J. Kingston" <> Reply-To: To: Subject: Tom's Trip

Tom: Before checking my e-mail, I was reading a haiku which said: I regret picking And not picking Violets

tsumu mo oshi/ tsumanu mo oshiki/ sumire kana

I really enjoyed your home-page and will continue to visit it as you make your way to California. I just returned from there last week. I was visiting some of my relatives in Palo Alto. I don't know if you will be in that part of the state or not t I enjoyed my visit there. Your e-mail from relatives in both Canada and the U.S. brought many happy memories. I would agree that a few background graphics would enhance your page but I know you don't have all the bells and whistles while travelling with your note-book. I haven't heard from George for some time...I thought maybe he had a major crash after his last visit to Toronto. I hope to communicate with him again soon. Congragulations on your graduating with the MBA from Queen's. Have a real good trip and remember me to any relatives I may have met.

Fr. Con Kingston

P.S. When you return from your extensive trip, you should put your trip-journal into hard copy, you might have a best-seller.

From Kris Fletcher and Rick Schroeder in Manhattan, Kansas

Return-Path: <> Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 15:39:30 -0500 From: Kris Fletcher and Rick Schroeder <> Reply-To: Organization: The Eye Doctors To: Subject: Downloading and installing program


I just finished downloading and installing the new Microsoft Explorer 3.02. Everything went smoothly. You should be very proud of the techno-geek I'm turning into. Thanks for the new program and thanks for watching out for us in this new computer world. Boulder sounds incredible and I don't blame you for sticking around awhile. I enjoyed the new map and HAHA to John on his Manhattan joke! We're still enjoying all the updates and mailbag letters. Tonight we're going out on the boat and we'll drink a beer for you-but it sounds like you're still consuming your own fair share. From reading all your e-mail, it sounds like you have a lot of friends out there who care about you and that's the way it should be. Keep enjoying yourself and keep thinking about looking for a job, it would be nice to keep you south of the border!

Take care ,


My comments: I e-mailed Kris and Rick instructions to download and install Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02.... looks like my directions worked pretty well.

June 10 Update

Hi once again. It is Tuesday night at 10:30 p.m. and it is time for another update. This one will be rather short because I am still in Boulder. Last night Joe and I got a video. We watched the movie "The Fugitive". I had seen it before but Joe hadn't. Because the movie thing was such a success, we watched another one tonight - "Ransom". Neither of us had seen it before. Today I worked on my resume. I called IBM (they have an office in Boulder) and inquired about the process to apply for a job. You have to send your resume to a central location in Maine or somewhere or apply through the internet. I applied through the internet but I don't hold out much hope.

Actually, I have been rethinking the month long stay in Boulder. Boulder does have some high tech firms here, but I really want to get into finance, and I don't think Colorado has much for finance. So the plan has changed. I am heading west on Thursday morning. I'm not really in the job search mode anyway. I much prefer the vacation mode.

Tomorrow, Joe and I are going on a hike. Joe is in the TV room finding the right place to go. That's it for now.

The Mail Bag

From Charles W. P. Loggie (a very distant relative) in Australia

Return-Path: <> From: "Charles W. P. Loggie" <> To: <> Subject: received your Web page Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 16:10:03 +1000 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

Dear Tom, I spoke to your father after receiving your message, looks as though you are enjoying the trip, didn't you know that these days it is only after about fifty years of hard work, sleepless nights worrying about the kids, whether or not you have brought them up correctly so that they can also follow in your footsteps and work fifty years or so, and then you take the trip, if you have managed to save up enough...

I had given thought to have made another trip overseas last year but Olive did not wish to undertake the long flights, so the computer keeps me in touch with my Canadian relatives and friends, plus a few in the U.S A. I'll add a few pictures, one is taken in the Scarth room, University House, The Australian National University, on the 19th of April 1997, at an Armiger's dinner to celebrate the Queen's birthday, so is the one of Olive and myself taken at the same function. The other one is taken as I normally am at most functions , in Highland evening dress, this last one was taken a few years ago, at a function held in Sydney by The Frontiersmen of The Commonwealth.

We wish you safe travelling.

My comments: Charles, I enjoyed the photos and would include them on the web page. However, I am limited as to how much space I am allotted on the web server.

From my Dad

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 10:06:42 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject: Family tree Cc:,,,

Charles W Loggie called us from Australia at 1:00 am this morning. He, somehow or other, did not know we had a son Thomas. We talked, (after I woke up) for about 15 minutes. It was likely full daylight there and they would be approaching their winter season. He is sure interested in family trees. Has been back to Scotland, searching the Archives, at least three times, and has some great information on your ancestors the Loggies. Ur grandmother, my mother was a Loggie. He is sending 3 1/2 disks with the latest updates on the Loggie family tree. He said he now uses Excell. I have so much other information to try and verify and as a result I have not even started to use numerous computer disks he previously sent. I have 2600 individuals in the latest family tree I am working on. (Some day when things are slack you will have to send me detailed instructiuons on how to copy the data on these 2600 persons onto disks. When I try to copy now the program say's something to the effect that there is not enough space on the disk, which I already know and leaves me there high and dry. Quicken provides information and instructions on copying its informatrion on as many disks as it takes. Winimage I do not think would format a disk at possibly 5.76 megs, and even if it could it would be unstable). The 2600 persons include Allisons, ( where Mount Allison Universites name came from), Boyles from Sligo Ireland, the potatoe famine of 1847 and the typhus feaver on the ships carrying the irish immigrants. Coughlans and O'Neils on your mothers side. Sengs from Germany on your mothers side going back into the 16 hundreds, The Weisslers and of course the Loggies and the Kingstons. The are all entwined somehow.

Bye the way this verification is a real problem. There are more than one date for birthdate, baptizm date , marriage date etc. for a specific person, which you yourself are a prime example. Your Birth date on your Certificate is incorrect. I remember years ago we tried to have this straightened out. The officials simply sent us a certified copy of your baptismal certificate on which was the incorrect date. They informed us that it would take almost an act of Parlament to have the date changed. My signature is on the certificate. So I am partly to blame. Now add to all that over the years you have been giving your correct birthdae to the government , your employers etc etc. You now are two distinct persons, boy what away to dodge income tax. You were actually born September 23 1961 and the government data on you states you were born September 21 or something like that. Anyhow when tring to correct the situation wet gave up due to beaucractic paperwork.

I knew all the time something was wrong with you. Now we understand why you have a split personality!!!

Being serious Dennis Boyle ur brother in law , the Lawyer could likely straighten out the paper work. The best bet for your split personality or head problem would be your present freeloading provider Joseph Weissler, the Psychiatrist.

My comments: Partly to Blame? I'd say it was all your fault. There is no way you can blame me for this one.

From Stephen Kingston (my first cousin) in Ottawa, Ontario

Return-Path: <> X-Authentication-Warning: internet: Host claimed to be Date: Mon, 09 Jun 97 15:04:19 est From: "skingsto" <> Encoding: 59 Text To: "" <> Cc:, Subject: Re: My web page

Tommy Thanks for tracking me down - what an excellent idea this web site thing is. I especially enjoy your father George maintaining the Catholic guilt levels about staying with friends and living off them! I am sure if Dad had a PC he would be overloading your web site with Kingston historical fact (and other tall tales of the Miramichi). I am well. Have two kids (Spencer 3, Mia 8 months) both are well as is Giulia. Have townhouse up for sale, looking for new digs once sold. Software biz is booming - very busy but rewarding. I believe your minamalist web site look (while decievingly simplistic) has been commented on enough. Trying to get to NB this summer but it will depend on the house sale and work. Will make it in the fall for sure (less flies anyway!). Have heard from JoAnne Reichers occasionally - all is well out in BC. Will forward your message along to her & Dennis in N.S.. John Vickers - is it true your brother Kevin is moving to Ottawa? If so make sure he finds me (hey maybe he can buy my house!). Also, will definitely buy into the Kingston reunion thing in 2000 - way overdue. Good luck in your journeys Tom I will browse occasionally. Of course you are welcome in Ottawa should your trails take you here. Warmest greetings to all Kingston relatives. Steve Kingston

My comments: Kevin Vickers is moving to Ottawa. Thanks for the e-mail Stephen. Keep it coming.

From Bethy Cox (my sister) in Spokane, Washington

Return-Path: <> Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 14:53:00 -0700 From: "Terry M. Cox" <> Reply-To: Organization: InfoData To: Subject: From Bethy in Spokane

Tom, I am confused!!! Are you staying in Boulder(making that your home base) and looking for a job? It sounds like Boulder is in a nice part of the States. You seem to be having a great time. We are all living vicariously through you!!!! Good luck finding a job. I like John Vicker's idea of a Kingston reunion. It would be fun to put faces to the names we see in the emails to you. Take care and I know I do not have to say "stop and smell the roses." See ya.

And another from my Dad

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 21:20:21 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject:

A letter to you from Canada Trust is at hand old chap. They state that a few dollars has been forwarded to Great -West Life N/O Thomas Kingston Locked-in RRSP . All has been completed pursuant to your agreement.

How is that for a summary?

Hey what goes on? You are finally going to look for a job. Well Dont cut off all fun too quickly!!! Some day you will get old, employed, with no money, unable to get to a place where you can freeload Etc. So enjoy it while you can.

Another hey what goes on? It is now 2300 hours June 10 on the beautiful Miramichi and we have not had an update since June 08.

Our sympathy to Joseph for putting up with you.

June 12 Update..... in Las Vegas. It is late... update to come later

June 14 Morning Update

Las Vegas, Nevada!!!... the state where prostitution is legal!!!... finally a chance to make some money on the road trip.

Well, we haven't had an update in a few days so I may as well go back to Wednesday. Wednesday, Joe and I went for a hike in the hills of Boulder. It was pretty cool. We walked for about an hour and a half around around a hill to the top. We got a good view of Boulder and the mountains. Then we went for a drive up Boulder Canyon and had lunch in Nederland. We came home and Joe, with his scotch, and I, with my rye, cooked two T-bone steaks on the barbecue. I made garlic bread and Joe made a salad.

Thursday morning I said good-bye to Joe and proceeded west. Thursday had to be "the most exciting driving day of my life." I went through the mountains of Colorado and then the desert of Utah. The scenery was awesome. It's not that I haven't seen mountains or deserts before - it's the many contrasting landscapes I saw. Let me tell ya... the old Sprint worked hard on Thursday. We climbed some mountains on Thursday and then down into the valleys and then up again, down again, and then up, and finally down into Las Vegas. It was wild. I-70 is a four lane highway all the way and is beautifully engineereed. On the first set of mountains, you climb stetches of highway 10 miles long at 8% grades. The sprint beared down hard... third gear all the way at about 40- 45 miles per hour with cars and the occasional unloaded 18 wheeler passing me on the right. I was a little concerned about the Sprint's power so I stopped in at a GM dealer. He told me that at that elevation, you have 20% less engine because of the thinner air. However, he pulled off the spark plug wires individually while the engine was running. Given the oil consumption on my car, he thought one of the spark plugs was oil fouled. I went to NAPA auto parts, bought a spark plug wrench, and installed three new spark plugs. The old plugs looked good and the same for all three cylinders. I changed them anyway. The car still idles rough. I think the oxygen sensor is bad but it costs about $200. The car runs well at high speed so I'm not going to spend the 200 bucks until the car up and quits. CAA covers a tow for 200 km, so we'll cross that bridge if and when we get there.

The stretch of road that I remember the most is the 100 mile stretch 30 miles before Vale, Colorado. 30 miles outside of Vale, you are at the top of a mountain. You begin your descent into Vale. Wow! You just keep going down and down and down for about 100 miles. You begin to think you must be driving into hell.

I mentioned before about driving through Boulder Canyon. Driving through that kind of terrain with the steep rocky slopes is fun the first time, but then you get to thinking... what would happen if one of those big rocks started rolling down one of the mountains. There are signs to watch for falling rock you know. After a while, I really didn't like those canyons anymore and I would dread having to drive through them. The canyons through the Colorado river were the best. To build a four lane highway through some of those canyons must have been quite a task... There are stretches 20 miles long where there is more steel work (bridge work) than there is road. Once you reach the western part of Colorado, you are pretty well out of the mountains and into the desert part of Utah.

Utah is barren. There is a section of road 110 miles long where nobody lives and you can't get gas. This is a time where you become one with your little sprint and reminisce about the past six years you've had together and discuss that this is not a time to fail me now. There are hills in Utah, however, and the thought of steep rock canyons caused my stomach to tighten. Good news!!! The canyons in Utah are all sandstone and there are few rocks that could start tumbling down. There are some long hills there that I had to shift to third a few times. The roads into some of the towns in Utah, down into the valleys where the rivers are, are pretty neat too.

After Utah, I decided to forge on. It was night and I like driving at night. I kept driving and driving. I finally reached Las Vegas about 2 a.m. There was one canyon to drive through just before I hit Las Vegas. It was dark so I just imagined that they were sandstone canyons instead of big rock Colorado canyons. I got a room at the Holiday Inn and went to sleep.

Saturday, I got out of bed around noon and walked to the Las Vegas gambling casinos. I got $60 worth of chips and played seven card stud. I went down $10, up to $35, and ended the day only down $3, and drank rye and seven for free. That took most of the afternoon. The rest of the day I just walked around Las Vegas.

That's the update for now. In an hour, I will head west to Los Angeles. I am probably less than 300 miles from there.

The Mail Bag

From John Vickers in Vancouver, BC

Return-Path: <> From: ( JOHN F VICKERS) Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 02:22:57, -0500 To: Subject: ode

Ode to the lad from Miramichi

The sprint carried him further to the west

Where Tom hoped the paycheques weren't less

Yes, he pondered his future career

As he drove by farms and steers

An MBA was in his tracks

And who knows - he might be back

To the Newcastle opera house

And find himself a Miramichi spouse

Yes, a gal from Tabusintac

Who would have a way of saying "tabernac",

For now though he'd just drive on

Into the California morning dawn

From Aloysius Kingston in Newcastle, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> From: "Al Kingston" <> To: <> Subject: Tommies Trip Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 01:10:24 -0300 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

Hello tom First off congratulations on getting your masters !! Must be great . when are you returning ? Things are pretty quiet here on the Miramichi Repap is not sold yet maybe never . Have a good trip I will follow your progress on the Internet

Good Luck AL

If at first you dont succeed think of all the people you have made happy

From my Mom in Newcastle, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 22:06:16 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject: From MOM!!

Hi Tom: Great to talk to you last night. Today we went to Baie Ste. Anne and we bought eight lobsters. We each had two for dinner. Missed having you here to enjoy them with us. Spoke to Bethy yesterday - they will be here July 1. They are leaving Spokane about the 21st and will spend a few days in Washingston visiting Terry's cousin and then on to New York City to tour the sights. Anne Marie is in Spokane for five or six days. We spoke to her yesterday and she is feeling great now. Life goes on in Saint John. Your brother ----- John is celebrating his 40th Birthday on Sunday - the actual date is June is the 19th.

Watched the weather report from USA tonight. - hope you didn't drive into any tornadoes -

Take it easy on the road . Waiting for your next update.

Love Mom

I did not say or type anything except this. See Ya Dad

From Rick Mann in Newcastle, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 07:47:49 -0300 From: Rick Mann <> Reply-To: To: Subject: trip


Good morning, its 7:30 am here on the Miramichi and I'm looking for my TK Road Trip 97 fix. But, as usual you're late. How dare you, in Las Vagas having fun and forgeting about your loyal fans on the net. I see you have given up on a career in Boulder. You should look in Vagas, I here the Mafia is looking for bookies, its in the finance field, and best of all it includes a tax free income, paid vacations in Levensworth and free burial services.


From Anne Marie Kingston temporarily in Spokane, Washington

Return-Path: <> Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 09:24:35 -0700 From: "Terry M. Cox" <> Reply-To: Organization: InfoData To: Subject: FROM ANNE MARIE

Hi!! Las Vegas,looking at the hoover dam ,right!! I'm in Spokane enjoying the bridge and card tricks by Emily and Carolyn. It rained a first on all the vacations I've spent with Bethy,over 8 annual visits.Back to Calgary on Mon. See Ya, Anne Marie

June 16 Evening Update

The view from my Hotel Room (below)

Pacifica, California, June 16, 1997, 8:30 p.m. PST (above)

Hello from Pacifica, California. So where is Pacifica, California?

How did I get here? Well... let's see. I packed up the old Sprint late Saturday morning and left Las Vegas about noon on Saturday. I got on I-15 south and kept driving. About two hours into the journey the radio scans in a station in and all I hear is that I-15 south is closed due to a major accident. Not delayed. Closed. Now keep in mind my radio doesn't have an aerial, so when it scans in a station, it's like you're in that town now. Also keep in mind that south eastern California is a desert. I took the next exit!!! I stopped in a gas station parking lot and decided to get the map out and listen for further updates on the radio. Well, the radio station wasn't very clear so I held my finger over the stub of the broken aerial. This typically improves the reception substantially but there wasn't any traffic updates and it could be 15 minutes or so before there would be another. Was I going to hold my hand over that damn stub for fifteen minutes? I thought to myself, "What do I have in my car to act as an aerial?" Well.... I found 10 feet of old speaker wire and jammed that in the stub end. I have the wire held in place using the aerial bracket and the car door. I even have a picture for you.

(from left hand side of car looking to the front of the car)

Folks!! You don't get this kind of aerial photography on every web page!!

By the way, while I was doing this photo, I came across some photos I took at Joseph Weissler' home.

(above - Joe's home from the backyard)

(above - Joe's oak tree to the right)

OK.... back to the aerial. My radio is working better than it ever did!! Even when I'm listening to a good song, I sometimes hit the scan button just to hear the myriads of radio stations.

While I was in the parking lot, an 18 wheeler stopped in. I asked the truck driver about the big "I-15 south shutdown" Ya know, them trucker lads are the one in the know. He said I-15 south had been shutdown since 2:30 a.m.!! His version was that some lady fell asleep at the wheel. She ran into the highway divider and became air born. Her husband was dead and her kids were dead. She was in critical condition in the hospital. My biggest problem in life was an aerial. I got some advice on a detour and off I went.

I stayed on I-15 to Los Angeles and then took I-91 (just south of L.A.) to the coast. I stopped and walked in the surf in Long Beach, California. On Joe Weissler's advice, I took highway 1 north from L.A. Highway 1 follows the shore line. It is not a major highway, but it is a great scenic drive. There are a few rock canyons, but nothing too serious. I travelled about 25 miles per hour for much of the route.

About 9:00 p.m., I decided to look for a hotel room. It was Saturday night and it was June; there wasn't a hotel room to be found and all the campgrounds were full. About 1:00 a.m., I stopped looking and slept in my car.

About 6:30 a.m., I started the Sprint and stopped at Denny's for breakfast. I looked like hell and felt like hell. Okay, lesson learned... "Find Campround or Hotel room early". I stopped at the Best Western in Monterey, California at 2:30 p.m. Sunday afternnoon and slept for four hours. I spent the night there. Before I got a hotel room, I spent $US 7.50 and went on the Monterey tour including the Pebble beach golf course. I asked someone later how much the houses go for there. She said they "start" at $4 million. As I was driving through, I checked them out but I couldn't find any I liked.

Today, Monday, I set my sites on Silicon valley.... San Jose etc., just south of San Francisco. See map. The plan was to go along highway 1 to see the coast and then head south east to San Jose. Well, I got to thinking again, "Why not stay on the coast?" So I did and that's why I am in Pacifica. I am planning to stay here until Saturday morning.

Tomorrow is suit day. Silicon Valley... here I come!!!

The Mail Bag

From John Vickers in Vancouver, BC

Return-Path: <> From: ( JOHN F VICKERS) Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 20:59:30, -0500 To: Subject: Hi

Hi Tom,

By the way, when you were back in Nevada, did you notice if they were handing out free magazines along the streets of Vegas? My understanding is that they concern structural engineering, framework - that sort of thing. Being an engineer on holidays I figured you would probably find them of interest.


From Patricia Boyle (my sister) in Saint John, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 23:18:30 -0700 From: dennisb <> To: Subject: the boyles in saint john n.b. X-URL:

Dear Tom: Sounds like you're having a blast! I'm really, really, really new on this internet it is quite a thrill for me to think that I can actually participate in the TK-Roadtrip banter. In fact, I'm not even certain how to send this e-mail. I'll try it and hope for the best. It is great to read all the e-mails. I feel a bit like a groupie .....if nothing else, Tom it will stroke your ego. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Tom's sister. I have four small children (ranging in ages from almost six years to seven months). The children are wonderful but gosh they zap one's energy. Tom, enjoy your freedom...You're on a trip of a lifetime.

Love Trish

From my Dad in Newcastle, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 22:24:46 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject: Talk of many things

The problem of not being able to backup large family tree files from within the Family Tree Program is not a problem anymore. I had to remember that this can be done with the normal Back up supplied with windows. Now don't laugh you will get old and forgetful. I must have used Windows backup a hundred times. It is just that I thought Family Tree Maker should have it in their program.

Charles Loggie emailed the picture of his wife and himself to us. It is a very clear picture. He must have a camera like yours, and knows how to transmit pictures.

We have finished painting the boy's room and the computer room. Even have your TV hooked up again. The First Computer the Amstrad is now also in the computer room. Your mother is happy about that. She still thinks and calls the computer room the junk room, all junk seems to end up in the computer room. I must also be considered junk as I end up in the computer room most days.

Did we give you Ed Rawlinson's correct email address as: <>

I imagine you thought of the wagon trains going west on your trip westward !!. It sounded breathtaking. I bet you were glad a Western University Graduate Mechanical Engineer, and not a Certified Interprovincial Automotive Mechanic renewed all your sprint's brake parts a couple of years ago, in a driveway not even under couver. I bet you did a lot of praying, Especially on the hill you wondered if the highway was going to hell. I also bet you will have a great deal more respect for the Automotive Mechanics from now on.

Speaking of Automotive Mechanics, Did you set the gap properly on those new spark plugs. You could end up with a number of nasty problems, even burnt valves. Looking forward to you next update. See Ya Mom & Dad

My comments - Gap set at 0.043". You forgot about the Windows 95 backup?!!! I must have got my brains from my mother. Dad, I do not trust the Windows 95 backup. I have had problems with it before Keep monthly backups!!

From Alan Thomas in Malaysia

Return-Path: <> From: "Thomas, Allan" <> To: "''" <> Subject: RE: The "Roadtrip" web page is up!!! Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 19:42:14 -0600 Return-Receipt-To: <>

Hey T.K.,

Your road trip inspired me, so Heather and I just spent the last two weeks in Thailand. Went to Bangkok , went up north and did the elephant ride thing, and then down south and laid on a beach for a week. It was a blast. Of course, I missed the entire Stanley Cup finals and that really sucked!

Don't forget to go to Silicon Valley. San Fran (and surrounding area) is beautiful and there should be lots of jobs for engineers/MBAs. Which brings me to my next point! From your web page, it sounds like the entire Queens MBA grad class is on a road trip (California, Toronto, New York). Didn't any of you get jobs? Is it up to the UVic MBAs to hold the moral working fibre of this country together?

Speaking of morals, have you thought about applying for Pogey while you are away! After all, Repap laid you off and you are technically looking for work! Besides, you're from the Maritimes, they'll give it to you!!!

Now that I've offended 90% of your relatives and friends, I'll sign off.

O'yeah, I have an uncle in Huntington Beach, CA who would gladly take you in for a day or two. He's a mechanic as well, so maybe he could fix up that lawnmower you call a car.

Take care,

Alan Thomas

From Kelly Enright and Robert Bryenton in Newcastle, New Brunswick

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 22:56:56 -0300 To: From: Kelly Enright <> Subject: your trip

Robert is here again. Things must be looking up at home it has been almost two weeks. Most people still think he is single though,never see her. Even when you visit his house he is alone, did we all imagine that special Saturday in May? Why such a short time in Vegas? Robert seems to think he would blow lots of money there, don't see how, won't spend a damm cent he doesn't have to around here. Well enough on that subject, enjoy yourself, we will follow you the next time she lets him out!!!!


My comments: The "special Saturday in May" was Robert's and Sandy's wedding day.

From George and Nancy in Evanston, Illinois.

Return-Path: <> Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 22:04:33 -0400 From: Nancy Slichenmyer <> Subject: Get outa Dodge To: "" <> Content-Disposition: inline

Tommy, Vegas is not your kind of town. I've never been there but I'd say ," SPLIT, ASAP." It"s a kind of depravity that few Americans condone, it's alot worse than wanting to move to Sudbury for no reason. Of cource this is your careful. Geo

My comments: George, I was there for one day and two nights. I lost a total of $3 gambling. You're right, though. See it, but don't stay long. By the way, you're not forgetting about the bounce, are you?

From Tom Fournier in Kitchener, Ontario

Return-Path: <> Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 07:11:34 -0700 From: Tom Fournier <> Reply-To: To:,

Cyber Buddies!

Just letting you know, I am at a meeting next week and have to turn my computer in for upgrades no e-mail till Thursday evening.


My comments: Ho Ho Ho... computer upgrade. Whoa!

From JoAnn Kingston Reicher (my first cousin) on Vancouver Island

Return-Path: <> From: "JoAnn Kingston-Riechers" <> To: "threeisl" <> Subject: Re: Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 08:44:45 -0700 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal


If you make it up to BC, you should come see us. We are on the west side of Vancouver Island.

Are you going back to Repap? If not and you are interested in consulting work, you should try contacting Pat's company. They have about 26 job openings around Oklahoma and south of there. If you are interested, let me know and I'll get Pat to fill you in.

Glad that you are having a great time!

Best wishes, JoAnn

And again from JoAnn

Return-Path: <> Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 09:13:25 -0700 From: JoAnn Kingston Riechers <> Reply-To: Organization: McMaster University To: Subject: road trip


I took a peek at you web page and now feel bad for telling you about job possibilites since you seem to have had more than enough!

Your web page is a great idea! I am always looking for a distraction from my work. The site should keep me from graduating and looking for a job for a few extra months! ;-)

Take care!


My comments: JoAnn, don't be fooled. Working for a living is the curse of modern society. Go to school and go on roadtrips. Don't set your sights too low - " a few extra months"? Shoot for a full year.

Special June 17 Evening Update

Today I put the suit on for the first time of the roadtrip. Looking for a job is not a fun thing to do and it is something I am glad to say I have been able to delay for the first 26 days. Today I went to Netscape Communications Corporation in Mountain View, California. A few pictures...

The "Netscape" fountain

The "Netscape" To the Lobby sign

The "Netscape" "N" in the lobby. Reception had to call for an approval on this one :-)

Finding Netscape was a little tricky. I got the exact address from the SEC Edgar page and then used the map page from John Morrison and printed a map on my printer. Off I went. I figured I would get as far as the security gate, hand in my resume and leave. I finally came across Netscape and the first thing one sees is an "N" on a small office building and then another small office office building to a total of about 10 or so. There was another building under construction across the street. That must be under construction for me I thought as I drove by. After about the fifth small building one drives by the fountain and a sign that says "Lobby". Well, that sounds a whole lot better than "security" doesn't it. I drove by another two buildings and saw a sign to a parking area. I turned in and just parked there. I got out of my car, followed the signs to the Lobby and handed my resume in to the receptionist. She put it in an inter office envelope and gave me an annual report.

Netscape Communications Corporation (NCC) of Mountain View, California had sales of $US 346 milllion in 1996, up from $US 85 million in 1995. Gross profit margin for 1996 was 22.65%, up from 11.20% in 1995 (COGS includes R&D, and sales and marketing expenses, but exlcludes depreciation and amortization). Operating profit margin for 1996 was 13.82%, up from -2.07% in 1995. Net profit margin for 1996 and 1995 was 6.60% and -7.74%, respectively. At year end 1996, NCC employed 1651 employees, up from 518 employees in 1995. The company has effectively no debt.

June 18 Evening Update

Today, I downloaded Netscape Communicator 4.01 from TUCOWS in New Brunswick. The thinkpad downloaded 7800 K in 65 minutes over the 14.4 internal modem (connect speed 19200 bps). That's pretty amazing considering the other modem I was connecting to was on the other side of the continent.

I took the rest of the day off, other than looking at the Netscape annual report.

The Mail Bag

From John Morrison in Kingston, Ontario

Return-Path: <> Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 18:05:44 -0400 (EDT) From: John Morrison <> X-Sender: 3jrgm@qlink1 To: threeisl <> Subject: Re: Hot link to


Dropped in for an update. Whoa, I see you kicked it into high gear across America (well, at least into third gear, as you note). Good luck in Silicon Valley. If you bump into Andy, or Scott, or Marc, say hello for me. (That's Grove, McNealy, and Andreesen).

Look forward to more of "My comments:".

Cheers, John

From Mom and Dad

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 09:18:44 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject: A couple or more items

Received your latest update re Newtscape, this morning 8:30 am.

Bethy and Terry are starting their trip this weekend. Martha and Mark are talking about coming. Mark to go Lobster Fishing, Martha to see her sisters and join in the fun. Patricia is also excited at the possibility of seeing everyone. Bethy and Terry arrive in Saint John (Patricia and Dennis's) either June 30 or July 1. Suzanne and Howard will also join in the fun. I am seriously thinking of a dog house or better still the garage as a place to sleep.MUM SAYS THIS -GET YOUR TRAVELLING INSURANCE EXTENDED!!!

See Ya MOM & DAD

From Sandra Iseman (a MBA student from the class of 1998)

Return-Path: <> Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 10:24:33 -0400 From: Sandra Iseman <> To: Subject: @$!%^&# Economics

Vacation time? I don't want to hear about it.

YES we hit the crunch time!!

I can't believe you knew what kind of mess I would be getting myself into and didn't talk me out of it.

Does it help you to hear someone suffering when you are already through it?

I must admit, though, the program is a lot of fun. And it is encouraging to see from your road trip that there is life after MBAST.

Where are you now? What are you up to? Come on, make me green with envy.

Take care


My comments: This was not an entirely spontaneous e-mail. I had to go fishing for this one. Those Queen's MBA's.... having a hard time getting e-mail from them. My reply to Sandra.....


I visited Netscape yesterday! The details, including pictures, are on the web page

The only rule to remember in Economics -

To determine whether the demand curve has shifted, as opposed to moving along the curve, ask your self whether the price changed while the quantity demanded (x-axis) remained constant. If the answer to your question is yes, then there has been a "shift" in the demand curve as opposed to moving along the curve.


From John Vickers in Vancouver, British Columbia

Return-Path: <> From: ( JOHN F VICKERS) Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 11:45:43, -0500 To: Subject: The Resume

Netscape president Bob Gordon leaned back in his chair as his eyes slowly drifted down the document before him.

He then grabbed the telephone. "Find me Thomas Kingston!" he barked.

"But sir, where do we starting looking?", asked special agent Dick Morrow. Following around Microsoft employees was one thing, trying to find a wandering Canuck was quite another.

"He may be still on the grounds if you hurry", Gordon shot back.

Meanwhile, several hundred yards away, Tom was as busy as ever. "Would the person in the back row move abit towards the centre?" he asked politely. A picture of the grounds keepers would look great on his home page he thought to himself.

"Are you TK?", suddenly asked a well dresssed man. Tom responded affirmatively. "The big boss wants to talk to you ASAP"....


"..and that began my career at Netscape", Tom Kingston thoughtfully stated as he walked through the rose garden.. "..hard to believe 15 years have passed."

"Yah, but you've been busy!" responded the US Vice President. "Your acquisition of MicroSoft back in 006 was amazing never mind your marriage to Sharon Stone."

By by the way Tom, why does a beat up old Blue Sprint sit in the lobby of the Netscape building out there in California?", he queried further.

"That's where it all started", Tom replied. "That's where it all started".

My comments: :-)

June 21Evening Update

It is 9:30 p.m. PST. Saturday night in Pacifica, California. I am watching the Angels and the Oakland A's on TV. It's the bottom of the 7th inning and the game is tied. Jason Dickson almost had the win here. He pitched the first six innings and I think part of the 7th. The Angels were up 3-2. The A's had the bases loaded and the reliever, not Jason Dickson, walked a run in. Bye Bye victory number 9, Jason. Jason is from New Brunswick.

I have been in Pacifica for six days. It's been great to hear the ocean from my hotel room for those six days, but I think it is time to move on. Vancouver is my next destination. John Vickers, I am looking forward to some Canadian beer, although I do like American beer too. Any beer is good beer. John, you have sone shopping to do. I expect to be in Vancouver by Tuesday or Wednesday night.

The Mail Bag

From Ken McCafferty (a fellow MBA'97 grad) in Kingston, Ontario

Return-Path: <Kevin_McCafferty@qmbaln02.QueensU.Ca> From: Kevin_McCafferty@qmbaln02.QueensU.Ca X-Lotus-FromDomain: QMBA To: Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 14:23:42 -0400 Subject: WOW

Kevin McCafferty@QMBA 06/19/97 02:23 PM


Just got back on line and visited the trip web page - looking pretty adventurous and fit these days!! So, tell me, how are the California Blondes liking the MBA Barrel? I'm sure that you're impressing them with the fact that it's just an implant, much like many of the breasts in CA these days. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your trip because, in case you've forgotten, WORK bites!

Okay. I have a geeky question for you. I'm trying to link myself to the network from another building at Queen's. What do I need to do to establish a connection? I figure that whatever was necessary for you to get your connection working in residence will also work for me. Please advise.

Anyhow, all the best. Love, Smoothie. OOOOO (aka barrel-butting).

My comments: The MBA barrel is the beer gut

From Mike Hannan in Toronto

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 12:13:09 -0400 To: (threeisl) From: Michael Hannan <> Subject: Netscape


Word of advice; Netscape is a sinking ship. The browser wars are over. Why pay Netscape when Microsoft gives the stuff away. A man such as yourself who will be commanding huge numbers of stock options needs to make sure you get the right kind of company paper. Try Oracle, the database marketplace is continuing to explode and they are the leaders. Sybase is a distant second but still a good bet.

I'll be watching with keen interest to see how you make out down there. If your successful I might have to give it a go myself.

Good Luck Mike

My comments: Is Netscape in the "browser market"?

From Donald Cole in Vancouver, BC

Tom, it's been awhile but I found a computer and tracked you down. I didnt'd get to read the whole trip, but I got the jist of it. It's Friday June 20 8:00 pm here in Vancouver BC,just wondering when you are going to make it back to Canada. Since I am amoung the unemployed at the moment I do not have a computer or an internet connection so you have to give me a call.

And Again from Donald Cole

I'll try not to hit the mouse button again while I finish this. Anyway give me a call, collect of course since you're on the road, I should have some new news for your. Hi to everyone else I know who reads Tom's homepage ... some names I noticed John and Will Vickers and Rick Mann. Hope to here from you soon.

And Again from Donald Cole

Tom, after my last email, I tried the internet gaming zone (amagine that I might find you there) but I could not get through ... man is Bill Gates tring to take away all the good sites?? Give me a call sometime. Bye. PS Tanya says hi and see hopes to see you on your way back through.

My comments: Donald, I called you twice today. You weren't home. Those funny messages on your answering machine are the auto collect calls from the phone company. I'll try again soon.

From Daniel Ornstein in Toronto

hey tommy boy! how goes the great adventure?

I am very impressed with this sight of yours - you have made staying in touch a true passion.

just wanted to let you know that the 1st 0.4% reunion will be July 5th at Ron's place in Toronto and points afterward.

hope all is well,

Dan ps- work is good, Ronnie is not yet embarassing the good name of queen's university, though I might be.

My comments: The 0.4% club is our social club.

June 23 Evening Update

Hello all from Whiterock, British Columbia. Whiterock is 5 minutes from the border crossing and 20 minutes south of Vancouver. It is damn good to be back in Canada! I am staying with John Vickers, a big contributor to the roadtrip web page. I laughed hard at his Netscape story, printed above. John has a knack for stories. Here are a few pictures I took 1/2 an hour ago.

a picture of John in his Living Room

a picture of John's home

a picture of John's flowers in his front yard (planted by John's mother and father during their visit to BC from Newcastle, NB).... and, of course, the little sprint in the background!!

I left Pacifica on Saturday morning around 10 a.m. I left the coast highway and headed north on I-5. I stayed on I-5 until I hit the border. Last night I stayed in Eugene, Oregon. Yesterday and today were rather uneventful driving days. Today's drive I encountered more traffic than any day so far. I-5 was quite busy in Oregon and Washington.

This morning I was on the road at 10 a.m. I arrived in White Rock at 5:30 p.m. PST. When I arrived John warmed up some leftover spaghetti for me. I have some training to do with John. The standard roadtrip fare is supposed to be barbecued steak and shrimp, and, of course, a garden salad.

The Mail Bag

From Daniel Ornstein in Toronto

Return-Path: <> Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 11:30:47 -0700 From: Daniel Ornstein <> Reply-To: To: threeisl <> Subject: Re: greetings traveller


this strangely cryptic address is my email address where I am reachable for all important things - particularly those not related to work. as to why it's "yaloot", don't ask. well...maybe I'll tell you one day when you're old enough.

take care, I look forward to reading of your adventures in Vancouver, hopefully on the front page of the globe and mail.

later, Dan

From Mary Weissler and Jack Kaestner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (in my inquiry about the flood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Return-Path: <> Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 13:49:10 -0400 From: Jack R Kaestner <> Subject: Flood To: threeisl <> Content-Disposition: inline

Heya Tom Kingston! <waving arms> Yes...still alive here in Milwaukee! The storms were really bad though and produced much flooding and personal disaster for many (myself not included thank god). Both home and Eddie Martini's (the restaurant) survived unscathed. I finally found your roadtrip and have read most of it...had to access it directly through compuserve rather than going to the internet cover's a very kewel thing Tom! I'll definately keep up with it. Have a great time on the west coast...hope the sun always shines on you! Love, Mary

From Alan Thomas and Heather Slauenwhite in Malaysia

Return-Path: <> From: "Thomas, Allan" <> To: "''" <> Subject: Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 19:47:03 -0600

Hey TK,

Sounds like the American portion of your road trip is winding down. No arrests, no fines, no women! Could it really have been that much fun?

Heather is back in Victoria on Sunday (June 29th) and said to call her if you want to visit the Island. She said she'll take you out and get you drunk! Not that you'll need it after your visit with JV.

We went to Singapore this weekend. Nice to see civilization again after two months (and real coffee - they had a Starbucks). They actually have timers on the intersections so you know exactly how many seconds you have to cross the road before the light turns red. That was the best part of the trip for me!

A bit of travel advice if it's not too late. Stay on the coastal road in Oregon, it's beautiful. We stopped at Cannon Beach, Oregon. Great little town with a good nightlife. Also, once you hit Washington State, go straight to the interstate. The coastal ride is a huge disappointment after Oregon. Your time would be better spent drinking beers with JV in Vancouver (don't put this in as it may offend your Washintong State compatriates!).

Take care, and remember if you can drag this on for the whole summer, we'll be in Calgary the last week of August.


My comments: Too late about your advice about the Oregon coast highway. I will likely end the roadtrip in Calgary and be there at the end of August. I don't know if I am going to do the Vancouver Island thing.

From John Vickers in White Rock, BC (received yesterday)

Return-Path: <> From: ( JOHN F VICKERS) Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 22:21:22, -0500 To: Subject: Salutations

So Mr. Kingston,

So, just so that I understand -you expect, me, a first cousin, to entertain you with free beer and lodgings. I must first tell you not to expect the wonderful graces extended to you by Uncle Joe and his family or other friends and relatives you have visited to date.

To further enlighten you as to the rules of this household, I relay the following.

1. All guests must attend mass each morning at 9 at Our Lady of Good Sheperd, which is just a few blocks away. Attendance is mandatory.

2. All bottled or can beer brought into the residence must be kept at a temperature of not more than 40+ F.

3. Late night female visitors are permitted provided they leave prior to 7 am.

Thats it. Look forward to saying hi buddy.


My comments: I'm an early riser. Is there and 8:30 a.m. mass nearby?

From John Morisson in Kingston, Ontario

Return-Path: <> Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 19:37:46 -0400 (EDT) From: John Morrison <> X-Sender: 3jrgm@qlink1 To: threeisl <> Subject: RE: "My comments: Is Netscape in the "browser market"?"


> My comments: Is Netscape in the "browser market"?

What can I say. Truly a clever phrase. Wit, Wisdom, Ambiguity. The work of a Zen master. California must be sinking in.

John _

From Patty MacCarthy (a fellow Queen's MBA97 grad) in Ottawa

Sorry, this e-mail is not available. Patty sent this message to me using "Lotus Notes", the software we used in our MBA program. In my opinion, Lotus Notes is a piece of crap. Right now, I am getting the message "server not responding". It's always something with that damn software. And it is incredibly slow. It is annoying, and I'm really pissed off right now. And this damn "replicate database" crap"!!

It feels good to vent about "Lotus Notes". I'm okay now.

Special June 24 Morning Update

Good Morning. I was able to get into the Lotus Notes server this morning. Here is Patty's e-mail.

To: Tom Kingston/QMBA/Ca

Hi Tommy, Wow! I just read your entire TK road trip log. You are on your way to Vancouver as I write this note. Why didn't I get all the pictures? I am using my Thinkpad. Is there insufficient memory or what? Sounds like you are enjoying the trip of a lifetime. I should have read your log sooner. I have very good friends in San Diego you could have stayed with. O well, next time. I am still un-employed myself and enjoying it. We have sold our house and we are moving out by July 21. By then I will be jobless and homeless! Nothing like a little stress to keep life exciting.

If you need a place to stay while out west, give me a call or e-mail. (613) 830-7304 . We have family in every province from B.C to Ontario. They like beer too so you should feel right at home. Your web page is great fun. Keep the up-dates coming. Patty

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