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June 25 Evening Update

Hi all. Like the new page? Well, the old file was getting a little large. The text of TK's Roadtrip page one is 146KB, and that does not include any of the gifs or jpegs. When I had to backspace because of a typing error, the 486 was a little slow with a file of that size. This page is actually on a different server too! You are receiving this page from a NBTel web server in New Brunswick. My experience with NBTel has shown me that NBTel is an extremely competent and reliable Internet Server Provider.

Tuesday morning John Vickers mowed the lawn. I, as usual, was going to have a beer, but it was morning. John has a washer and dryer. Laundry day!!!. I washed two loads of laundry. I hadn't done laundry since I was at Joe's, probably two weeks ago. I called my sister Martha in Calgary to let her know I would likely be in Calgary early next week.

Tuesday afternoon, Donald Cole came to visit and John, Donald, and I sat on his back porch and began consuming Kokanee beer. We cranked up the tunes and had a relaxing hot summer afternoon. After John had consumed many beers and began to feel secure with his environment, John blurted out that he was addicted to the TV show "Cops". Donald had to leave around 4:30 to pick up Tanya from work.

John and I continued with our adventures. Time to head down to the pier and boardwalk in White Rock, BC. Off we went. We walked down a major hill and about 20 minutes later we were in a bar with pool tables. John and I had three or four games of pool. John won one game and it is important to note, as John would insist, that a victory is a victory no matter if your opponent scratched on the 8 ball. It was about 6 p.m. by this time and John suggested we eat. John Vickers does know how to eat too! We started off at one bar/restaurant and had salted dry garlic ribs. After that, John suggested sushi and saki. I have had sushi only a few times before. John ordered a few appetizers. The first item was smoked mackerel. That fish was the best smoked fish I have ever had. The next item up for bid was deep fried something. Whoa! Was that good too! Okay, no sushi yet. John ordered double orders of sushi for the each of us. Not only does John like to eat, he eats a lot too! John loved the sushi, so much in fact that he had a quarter of my order of sushi too. Sushi is okay, but I think it's overated. There was this green sauce that you mix with a sauce that it absolutely poison. A little too much of this green sauce makes your nose quiver in much the same way that your head jolts when you drink a two ounce shot of straight hard liquor. The bill for supper only was $100. By this time, it was 9 o'clock and John and I found a good log on the beach and sat and watched the sun go down. We stopped at a bar after and drank some more beer. It was midnight by then and John and I were quite tired (shitfaced) and we walked back home, 30 minutes up the hill. That was a long walk up the hill.

Today was a slow day for both John and I. John's quote of the day occured this morning, "Tom, I'm having a rough morning. I'm coping, Tom!" This morning we installed Office 97 on John's computer. John has a Pentium 100 with a NEC 17" monitor... nice system.

Around lunch, John suggested we eat. I said okay, but no sushi. We had dim sum at a Chinese reastaurant. John is a regular here, as he is at the sushi place. John picked up the menu and ordered several items. The food was great! This evening I called my brother Michael in Vancouver. He wasn't home so I left a message on his answering machine.

John and I are going to have a chess game as soon as I've completed my update. Bye for now and we will talk to you Friday night

The Mail Bag

From "No Fish JP", Jim Porter in Ontario (fellow Queen's MBA 97 grad and person on the right in the fishing trip photo of TK's roadtrip page one

Return-Path: <> Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 23:13:49 -0700 From: James Porter <> To: Subject: hello TK X-URL: index.html/

Dearest Tom: first of all, I'll have you know, I caught lots of sunfish on my latest expedition (great big ones, around 4 or 5 inches!!) By the way, I'm sure your lake trout was at least 7 pounds (after you stuffed all that gravel down its throat)

Jason is here peering over my shoulder and correcting my spelling (got any good trivia?)

He says he knows where Pacifica is in southern CAL (he probably knows the date it was founded or something)

Some advice re: auto radio reception - try licking your finger first!

I hear that a job would seriously impair your social life (I'm in the same boat)

My comments: Hi Jason. Jason is an MBA 97 grad who is a trivia expert.

From Chris Halsted (QMBA97) in Toronto

Return-Path: <> Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 16:52:21 -0400 From: Chris Halsted <> Reply-To: Organization: Queen's University To: Subject: NETSCAPE

NO THEY ARE NOT IN THE BROWSER BUSINESS!!!!!@!!!!$*@&^#*(!^&#!*(@(&)

Who is that guy anyhow?

How are things TK? I am just packing up my life and moving to TO. I begin life as a "real"person on the second of july, this last month has been cool as I have been living vicariously through your adventures. But alas life must go on. I am sure by now you have heard teh the first TO chapter of the 0.4% club will be conviening on July 5 at Ronnie's pad and parts yet unknown. Hope to see ya there if ya can make it!!

Cheers -Chris -- Christopher Halsted #1 Baird Ave. Toronto, Ontario M4J 1H1 e-mail:

My comments: Mike Hannan is a fellow UWO grad of 1988. He was my neighbour for three years. I did engineering and he took the Bachelor of Adminisrative and Commercial studies degree.

From Mom and Dad in Newcastle, NB

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 19:22:41 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject: A number things

Statment from Royal Bank, including statement for your small account, complete with one of your personal cashed cheque, arrived yesterday, looks like the cheque went through the CIBC.

Nothing in the statement to worry about. If you need futher information phone us.

There has not been even one piece of mail forwarded to you from Queens.

Glad to see you made it safe and sound to White Rock.

You will probably find the same companies in Vancouver that you will find in Calgary. It looks like you realize this and are planning to stay a while with Big John. Say hello to him and tell him I was out fishing twice and saw or caught nothing.

Hi Tom this is MOM glad to have you back on Canadian Soil although I have a soft spot in my heart for the USA particularly San Antonio!!! Your next trip- you will have to go there. They will welcome you with open arms specially as you are a grandson of Magnus Seng MD. Michael will be pleased to hear from you. We told him that you would be at John's. He works Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can always leave a message and he will get back to you.

Bethy is now in Washington touring the Historical Sites. Tricia is busy as usual. Dennis has the chicken pox and she is hoping they all will get it this week so she won't have to stay put all summer!!!

John I spoke to your Mother this morning and all is well there. We do get a kick out of your EMAILS and will pass on any tidbites . I had nothing to do with the bottom half of the above.

John I think your house rules need a bit of work, especially for that freeloading early riser.

Good Luck, Enjoy your TK Roadtrip updates, keep them comming. Aloysius, my brother ,has a birthday July 4. You guys had better think up a good one for my little brother. Although he fixes his computer and most things with a 10lb sledge hammer, his computer does work.

See Ya MOM & Dad

And another one from Dad

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 21:52:28 -0300 To: (threeisl) From: (redoak) Subject: Re: Michael Edward Kingston's phone number and address

I guess mail server is slow , sent you an email about 7:30 ADT. That somewhere around 3:30 or 4:30 ur time. Is Big John working on those house rules for freeloaders.

See Ya Dad

Special June 26 Evening Update

The Mail Bag

From Mike Hannan in Toronto

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 18:56:42 -0400 To: From: Michael Hannan <> Subject: Netscape


After offering admittedly unsolicited although well intentioned advice, against my better judgement I let your first inane comment about Netscape slide in the spirit of my sincerest wishes for you to have a successful roadtrip. The ensuing comments from your fan club which praise you for your pop pseudo-wisdom and vilify me for allegedly misconstruing the markets into which Netscape sells software (Do they sell software?), have demanded a considered and well measured response.

I believe the tone of the commentary also questions your intellect TK for willingly or unwittingly associating with such an obvious boob as myself.

I have culled the following comments from the Netscape 10K. For those Queen's MBA's who are unfamiliar, a 10K is an annual filing required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US for all publicly traded company's. Along with annual audited financial statements the 10K requires company's to provide additional information, disclosure and commentary on major aspects of the business such as products, markets, competition and risk factors.

Netscape writes: "Licenses of Netscape Navigator and related client products accounted for 57.1% of the Company's total revenues in the year ended December 31, 1996."

(Netscape Navigator and related client products means "Browsers")

Now I am not familiar how the Queen's MBA program determines participation in a market but when I was studying to become a chartered accountant they taught me that 57% was a big number. Maybe that's not big enough for you or your pal Chris Halstead. In my books a company might even be considered to be "in the market" if 57% of revenue came from sales into that market.

Did you guys have to pay for that education?

Netscape's 1996 revenue was reported as $346,195,000. This translates into $197,331,150 USD or approximately $274,071,042 CAD in Browser related product sales.

Client software products (Browsers) accounted for 48% of software sales in the first quarter ending March 31, 1997 as noted in the companies 10Q, which of course is the most recent quarter for which published financial statements are available. While 48% is less than 57%, I believe it still qualifies as "being in the market."

As for the future of Netscape and the spectre of competition from Microsoft here is what Netscape has to say:

"Microsoft is devoting a significant portion of its substantial resources to developing, marketing and distributing Internet and intranet software and services in an attempt to gain market share. Microsoft has bundled its own browser with its Windows 95 operating system, allows it to be downloaded for free over the Internet and offers it as a free product to distributors and end-users, including distributors and end-users of the Company's products. Microsoft recently introduced a new version of this browser that has similar features and functionality to the browser features of Netscape Navigator 3.0, and this new version has reduced Netscape Navigator's market share."

Generally when a competitor offers a comparable product for free to one which you sell, they are pursuing an aggressive pricing strategy. This tends to put pressure on margins unless you can bundle your product with something that does provide revenue such as an operating system. Is Netscape in the OS market???

Further comments by Netscape:

"Microsoft's significant focus and product development activity in the market for Internet and intranet products and services and the penetration of Microsoft's software into its installed base of PC users has significantly increased the competitive pressures on the Company. Such pressures have placed significant price pressure on the Company and in the future may result in price reductions in Netscape's products and may also materially reduce Netscape's market share. If this were to occur, sales of Netscape's products in particular, and Netscape's business, operating results and financial condition in general, could be materially adversely affected."

My comments: Good night Netscape. Perhaps you and your colleagues who seem to know so much about Netscape and their markets should invest some of your hard earned cash in the stock. I'll be buying Oracle. Let's compare returns in two years.

Netscape talks about intranet server software, e-commerce solutions and data encryption for secure transactions. This is commonly referred to as vapourware in the industry. High tech is all about hype and it seems you and Chris are easy victims. As much as I admired Netscape, they are dead.

Once again your own unique brand of TK persistence has held you in good stead by saving you from an ill fated venture at Netscape.

Good Luck in Calgary.


PS: I suggest you give Calgary at least a good 10 days before dropping a job on your lap.

My comments: Hmmm! ...looks like we've got a "live one" on here!!!!

From Alan Thomas in Malaysia

Return-Path: <> From: "Thomas, Allan" <> To: "''" <> Subject: Don King Promotions Presents ..... Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 00:34:05 -0600

Hell, who needs Holyfield/Tyson. We have Hannan/Halsted. Considering I graduated with the same degree as Mike (although I must admit, I missed the anger management course which he excelled at), I'm offering 20 ringett at 5:2 on the frustrated CA. Any takers?

P.S. Hi Mike! Maybe take a break from those section 85 rollovers, eh!!!

June 27 Evening Update

Hi all. It is 10:35 p.m. Friday night in Vancouver, BC. I travelled 50 km today to Donald Cole's residence. My brother and I had supper last night in White Rock. We went to a Mexican restaurant and had chicken fajitas. Here's a picture of Mike.

I left John Vickers' at 11:00 a.m and arrived just after noon, lots of traffic. Tonight we had a barbecue. The menu consisted of chicken wings, garlic ribs, chicken breasts, steak, hot sausage, chicken drumsticks, baked potatoes, and waxed beans. I am still full. The barbecue broke down and we had to get a new fitting for the hose. Have you seen the new external thread propane tanks?

The Netscape browser controversy continues.....

John and I had a game of chess last night. John resigned.

The Mail Bag

From John Morisson in Kingston, Ontario

Reply-To: John Morrison <> To: threeisl <> Subject: Re: Special June 26 Evening Update to TK's roadtrip web page In-Reply-To: <> Message-ID: <Pine.SV4.3.96.970627155329.3361A-100000@qlink1> MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII


On one hand, I prefer your tales of brave, backyard, beer-drinking adventures.

On the other hand ...

<TABLE WIDTH=550><TR><TD valign=top> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- <BR> Netscape Revenues <BR> Six months ended June 30, 1995 ........... $ 16,625,391 <BR> <BR> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- <BR> From Netscape's IPO prospectus <I> (August 8, 1995) </I> <BR>

<P>"In particular, [Netscape's] client software will likely be subject to price erosion due to free client software ... Microsoft Corporation ... [is] now ... planning to bundle client software with their operating systems at little or no additional cost to users, which will also likely cause the price of the Company's client products to decline."</P>

<p>"To the extent that Microsoft's browser gains market acceptance, Microsoft will be better positioned than the Company to sell Web server and applications products." </P>

<P>"The Company expects competition to persist, intensify and increase in the future. Almost all of the Company's current and potential competitors have longer operating histories, greater name recognition, larger installed customer bases and significantly greater financial, technical and marketing resources than the Company. Such competition could materially adversely affect the Company's business, operating results or financial condition."</P>

---------------------------------------------------------------------- <BR> Netscape Revenues <BR> Six months ended March 31, 1997 .......... $ 235,293,000 <BR>


My comments: I retrieved this e-mail in both Eudora Pro 3.0.1 and Netscape Mail. In addition, I pasted the document into Netscape editor. I was unable to use the HTML.

From Chris Hasted in Kingston on his way to Toronto

Return-Path: <> Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 22:37:14 -0400 From: Chris Halsted <> Reply-To: Organization: Queen's University To: Subject: Jose Alamo

Jose asked me to give you his address because he is can't surf, he can only get e-mail.

W.R.T. to the live one, I am in the process of packing up and moving this weekend so I haven't the time to compose a comparable response, I will however try to once I am set up in TO. -- Christopher Halsted #1 Baird Ave. Toronto, Ontario M4J 1H1 e-mail:

June 30 Evening Update

Hi again from Vancouver. It is just one hour into Canada Day.  Happy Canada Day!!!

For the last three days, I have played hearts with Donald Cole and his friends.

The Mail Bag

From my Dad

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 13:36:33 -0300 To: From: (redoak) Subject: Lost Power supply and Hard Drive

Last Thursday My Hard Drive and power supply bit the dust. The hard drive had a sort of history of problems.

Needless to say it caught me unaware and I did not have everything backed up. Most serious was the Family tree Business. Secondly I lost all Email addresses, Bookmarks etc., Please send me ur TK Roadtrip Address.

See Ya Dad

My comments: sad, sad, sad!!! Good Luck.

From John Morisson in Kingston, Ontario

Return-Path: <> Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 15:28:44 -0400 (EDT) From: John Morrison <> X-Sender: 3jrgm@qlink1 To: threeisl <> Subject: Re: Special June 26 Evening Update to TK's roadtrip web page


About the HTML.

In whatever text editor you use, do a global find and replace for the following two pairs of strings (not including the quotation marks).

Replace "&lt;" with "<" Replace "&gt;" with ">"

Thats lt as in "less than" (i.e. it's an "el" not a "one")


My comments: John, Bullshit!!! I tried several ways, including above, to get your HTML to work. It doesn't work.

From John Kingston in Edmonton, Alberta

Return-Path: <> From: John Kingston <> To: 'threeisl' <> Subject: RE: Special June 26 Evening Update to TK's roadtrip web page Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 11:01:40 -0600


I have been reading with interest the comments about Netscape and MIcrosoft with regards to "browsers". You seem offended by this term. For the life of me I can't figure out why.

Tom, you are taking on the "look and feel " of a zealot. By the way do you own a Mac?

Another thing I did not realize, MBA grads have the ability to read such things as annual reports and "10K's" and not see the writing on the wall.

Netscape is in deep shit. They have losts 20% market share!!!!

Long Live IE!!

John K "just a guy learning a living"

From Kris Fletcher in Manhattan, Kansas

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 22:29:34 -0500 To: From: Kris Fletcher and Rick Schroeder <> Subject:

Dear Tom,

I didn't want you to think that we were ignoring you because we haven't. I've been keeping up with your travels and escapades triweekly and the new page is a wonderful idea as I as was getting quite tired of scrolling down. The reason we haven't responded latley is due to intimidation. First of all, I consider myself a pretty creative person( come on you've seen my chalk drawings of Elmo), but John Vickers is pretty tough to compete with. And then there's this Netscape Browser debate where frankly you know I'm totally out of that league. Christ, I had to use a dictionary to follow Mike Hannan's arguement and that had nothing to do with with the computer lingo. Mike "culled" something or other - to cull, now that's a verb we need to use more frequently. I felt like I was back on Blackacres where if you decided to visit 115 you had better be packing some sarcasm and quick come-backs or you were dead meat at the hands of Al, Steve and sometimes Mike. But, I quite enjoyed Al's comment on "anger management" to Mike, now that's the Al we always loved. Speaking of Al, he sent me a friendly e-mail lately and I responded back hoping he received it. As he told me we haven't talked in ten years, it would probably be another ten before we do again.

But I digress, does it feel good to be back in the mother country? We're taking off for Florida at the end of the week where my snowbird family will visit together for a week of alcohol and sun. We have the photos developed of your visit and they turned out really good. I'm planning on sending a few to Monica and telling her of who dropped on my doorstep a month ago.

On a computer guru aside- I want to bookmark your new web site BUT I can't. Everytime I try ADD BOOKMARK I get nowhere. Help me, I'm young, naive, a novus, a babe- oops I'm mean baby in the computer arena!

Anyways, keep us updated on your career moves and travels.

Love- Kris Kris, Rick and Alaina

My comments: This is a great letter!!!! ....You take a backseat to nobody.

From John Vickers in White Rock, BC

Return-Path: <> From: ( JOHN F VICKERS) Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 00:11:44, -0500 To: Subject: eh

How goes it Tom?

Happy Canada Day....enjoyed your visit. You were lucky I resigned chess...Only would do it because of pizza delivery.

Everyone is going to think we drink and eat excessively in White Rock. We are really sane - honest!

Calgary Stampede is alot of fun Tom. Hope you get to Alberta when its still on.


From Heather Slauenwhite in Victoria, BC

Return-Path: <> X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 00:52:43 -0700 To: (threeisl) From: heather slauenwhite <> Subject: Re: The "Roadtrip" web page is up!!!

hey tom - sounds like you've been having almost as much fun as i have for the last month! i've just been checking out your roadtrip web page and i've hit a bit of a roadblock (no pun intended!) - i can't link up to your further updates - i don't know enough about computers but mine won't connect past the original web page - help! as a result i don't know where you are - if you are still in vancouver( and who wouldn't stay a long while - john vickers' hospitality is legendary in these parts and i have had the pleasure of experiencing it on more than one occassion!)- anyway as mae west once said - come on over and see me sometime, or something like that! hope you are well and having a good time drive safe! - hs

ps - it does appear that my man has alot of free time on his hands!!

My comments: Sounds like a pretty good invitation.... Alan Thomas (Heather's man) is in Malaysia isn't he?

From Tim Winn (Queen's MBA97 grad) in Calgary, Alberta

Return-Path: <> X-Originating-IP: [] From: "tim winn" <> To: Subject: Hey there!!! Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 16:28:03 PDT


I didn't know that you could write so much!!! I am paying by the hour (for Internet service, that is) so I had to skim much of the trip details. I'll will check in when I can.

Sorry I haven't checked in sooner. I have been without Internet access for a couple of weeks now as I have made my way to Calgary. I've settled in and I should be starting work on Wednesday, July 2nd. Of course IBM is sending back east for some training -- right during Stampede (the "dirty rats" -- just kidding, if any IBMers read this!). Anyway, I will fill you in with details in another e-mail.

Catch you later.

My comments: Good to hear from you, Tim. I e-mailed Tim about two weeks ago and thought I might have lost him.

July 02 Evening Update

Hello all from Kamloops, BC. I left Vancouver this morning around 11:00 a.m. I decided to split the trip to Calgary into two days. I drove along the Cohaquilla (or something like it) highway today, probably the first time I travelled that highway. It's a toll highway and likely wasn't around when I was here in the early 1980's. Jimmy Stewart died today. I watched his Biography tonight on A&E. I am staying at the Mountain View Motel in Kamloops. I expect to be in Calgary tomorrow. I called her last week and told her to expect me earlier this week. Oh well....

Here's a picture of Mr. Donald Cole taken earlier this morning.

The Mail Bag

From my mother and father, three sisters, three brothers-in-law, five nieces, and three nephews in Saint John New Brunswick visiting Patricia, my sister

Return-Path: <> Date: Tue, 01 Jul 1997 22:32:59 -0700 From: dennisb <> To: Subject: Gathering in Saint John NB - Happy Canada Day! X-URL: road2.html

Hi! Beth & Terry & Emily & Caroline arrived in Saint John this evening. Mom & Dad arrived this afternoon. The little cousins are all having fun together!

The chicken pox arrived last week - so far half the kids have already had them so it looks like the rest - Seamus, Christine and Brendan just began the symptoms. Seamus calls them "picking pox" He says "Pickin' Pox, get it mom? Pickin' Pox" He then laughs hysterically!!

We (Suz. & Howard) just got our AMD k6-200 computer with a CD-R yesterday... Howard is just going a "little crazy" trying to figure out how everything works... stay tuned as we check out all of the features and we'll give the address to our very own "website" (not that we're trying to copy anyone!).

Bethy's Comments: I finally got out to NB and you end up on the other side of the continent. Should I take this personally??

I am trying to get input from everyone to help with composing this email but they are too busy talking! It is very difficult to keep people on the same topic in this family when there are more than three people in the room. I therefore going to keep thjis short.

Have fun in Calgary - Say hello to everyone out there!

An idea just struck Terry - if you get back into your car right away you could make it to Newcastle by Sunday justin time before he leaves to go back to Spokane!! Think about it!!!

Love, Suzanne, Howard, Mom, Dad, Bethy, Terry, Dennis, little Dennis, Seamus, Christine, Brendan, Trish, Caroline, Emily. 

From Tim Creasy (QMBA'97) in Toronto

Return-Path: <> Reply-To: <> From: "T. Creasy" <> To: <> Subject: Hello TK! Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997 22:17:49 -0400 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

Hey TK!

Just found your web site the other day and finally made my way through it. My God but I didn't realize you were so creative. No wonder you and General Cotton got along so well, you both have that soft internal artsie side to you.

Love the trip log...found myself laughing out loud a few times. Wish I had taken the time to do what you are doing. Hope the rest of your trip goes well, and good luck with the job hunt.

p.s. you might want to put some of the companies you are interested in on the web page and let everyone who is following your adventures see if they have any contacts or insights they can give you.

Talk to ya later,

T. Creasy

My comments: "found myself laughing out loud a few times"... likes comments like that!!!!. Also, you've got an e-mail address just like yaloot (Daniel Ornstein). What is this stuff?..... Is your ISP IBM. Thanks for the e-mail.

From Jose Alamo (QMBA 97) in Montreal

Return-Path: <>
From: "Alamo, Jose (MTL)" <>
To: threeisl <>
Subject: RE: E-mail but no surfing?
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 97 21:04:00 EST
Encoding: 27 TEXT

Hey TK,

Where the heck are you. I heard that you have a web page with all sort of
experiences, are you going to Calgary? When are we going camping again. I
haven't surf in so long, my fingers are getting rusty



My comments:  Good to hear from another one from the famous fishing trip shown on the very first page of the roadtrip.  Jose is the guy in the picture known as JA

July 07 Evening Update

So who's your favourite?  Barnacle Bill or Yogi?  I'm a Yogi man.  Isn't the Mars Pathfinder Expedition wild!!!  It's the best news story this year.

I arrived in Calgary on Thursday evening at 6:20 p.m.  Martha, my sister, and Mark, my brother-in-law weren't home.  I called again at 6:45 p.m. and the babysitter game me directions to Martha and Mark's home.  M&M arrived home at 7:00 p.m. I met my 14 month old niece, Laura, for the first time.  She has her father's smile.  She is a wonderful child.  On Friday, M&M and I went to the Stampede.  We started at the Westin Hotel at 5:30 and drank and ate until 9:30.  During that time, I told many of my adventures from Newcastle, New Brunswick to Calgary, Alberta including the web page, probably more stories closer to 9:30 than 5:30.  At 9:30, we went to the stampede grounds and walked around.  We were home by 1:00.

Saturday evening, I had a barbecue at my sister Anne Marie's home.  Sam, my 24 year old nephew, and his friend came for the barbecue.  I showed Sam and his friend this webpage and they read probably 1/2 of the first page.  They liked it, or pretended to.  The main dish for the barbecue was boneless chicken.  Anne Marie also wrapped sliced potatoes and onions in Aluminum foil.  Of course, Anne Marie made a salad.  It was the best barbecue of 1997 so far.  John, my brother in Edmonton,  I hope you heard the "so far" part.  I talked with John today on the phone and told him I would be arriving around 2 o'clock this Saturday.  John, you could win a prize......

On Sunday morning, Anne Marie and two friends of hers, Fred and Lynne, and  Lynne's mother and I  went to brunch at the Nakoda lodge outside of Calgary.  Nakoda lodge is about 50 miles west of Calgary on an Indian reserve. It was good to see Fred and Lynne again.  I think I first met them in 1978.  We celebrated Lynne's birthday.  On the way back to Calgary we took old Highway 2.  It was a nice drive.

I have been busy with my resume and such lately.  Do an Alta Vista Search for ""( Sorry, I had to edit this because alta vista will pick up this page too) and tell me what you find.  Also check out the improvements in my software page 

The Mail Bag

From Daniel Ornstein in Toronto

Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 03:35:00 GMT
X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Light Version 1.5.2
From: Daniel Ornstein <>

hope all is well. you're missing a great party this weekend. we'll have one
for you.


From John Vickers in White Rock, BC

X-Mailer: Prodigy Internet GW(v0.9beta) - ae01dm04sc03
Date: Thu,  3 Jul 1997 12:58:36, -0500
Subject: Howdy

Howdy Partner,

Having lived in cowtown prior to moving to BC, there are some
recommondations I thought I would pass along enabling you to enjoy an
easier settling in period.

1.  If a woman asks you to "two-step" on the first date, say "NO!".
You don't want your children of tomorrow to grow up believing songs
that state their father was a "two timing man asking for one last
chance to come home and this time with only one bottle instead of

2. You DO want to invest in a stetson and cowboy boots for going out.
 Walking into a club where 2,000 people wear country attire when you
don't have any on, makes one feel as they were an uninvited guest who
somehow slipped through the front door.

3. Read up on cows and their anatomy's.  For instance, you should
know what "Hey Joe, did that heffer have that cavver yet?" means.

4. During Stampede Days, wear your cowboy clothing proudly and share
stories of how you managed to save 14 head of steer in the midst of a
thunderstorm and simultaneous mountain lion attack.  Women visiting
from Europe are particularly moved by such courage.

5.  Practice saying derogatory statements about nearby Edmonton -
you'll blend in quicker.  Here's one for you.. - "Did you hear
Calgary is getting a new zoo?" "They have decided to erect a high
metal fence around Edmonton."

cheers <grin>

From Mike Hannan in Toronto

X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 2.2 (32)
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 16:43:01 -0400
From: Michael Hannan <>
Subject: Do Something!!!


For God's sake man... Do something interesting!!!


My comments:  I see Mike is being his usual pleasant self.  By the way Mike, I  carefully reviewed the submissions to TK's roadtrip page prior to your last letter.  No one suggested that you were a "boob".  It was all in your imagination.  You are quite right, however,  that in fact you are a "boob", but prior to your last submission, everyone was none the wiser.  Have you checked the stock performances of Netscape and Oracle since your babbling e-mail about browsers?

From John Kingston in Edmonton

From: John Kingston <>
To: 'Tom Kingston' <>
Subject: What are your plans?
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 17:27:58 -0600


Just wanted to know what  your plans are wrt travel in Alberta?  We are hanging out  here this weekend.  Are you planning to come up here?  How long are you planning to stay in Calgary?

We will consider coming down next weekend, but, would like to get an understanding of what your plans are.

Let us know

My comments:  Barbecue Friday afternoon, your place

From some members of the 0.4% club in Toronto

Date: Sun, 06 Jul 1997 03:05:01 -0400
From: Jason Bremner <jbremner@hermes.Netron.COM>
Reply-To: jbremner@hermes.Netron.COM
Organization: Netron Inc.
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01 (Win95; I)
Subject: quarter to three 0.4% club update


Jose has had too much to drink (paraphrased), Halsted can't hold back his discontent
(anger.)  We just got back from the 0.4% club inagural (according to my
MBA sweatshirt) session in Toronto.  It was pretty good.  Halsted and
Jose are getting the Netscape case out and nail Hannan. Jose's not quite
finished drinking. Chris is offering the contents of his bar. First was
the Kahluha and now the expensive whisky is being brought out.  I'm not
sure if they will be making it to the second 0.4% function, a special
morning session for brunch. Big News!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan and Liz are an item. Now TK, you know that I'm not one to comment on
the private lives of acquaintances or friends but what the hell.
Besides Jose's is threatening me with a knife if I don't say anything.
Now I want you to use your utmost discretion with this information, I
trust that you will not use this information to profit in any way. I've
tried but the pictures are just not available.

Jose wants to know about your rainsuit but what the Peanut Gallery
really wants to know is if you're wearing the same shirt from class.  I
mean after one full year, a wild adventure across the Continental Divide
ala Lewis and Clark, that shirt must be getting a little ripe and ratty.
Jose and Chris want to say Cheers because they are drinking 12 year old
rye (although in a social faux pas martini glass - the cretins!) I mean
where is Martha Stewart when you need her. Although according to her new
unofficial biography and her sexual proclivities, I think that all of us
may be needing her a some time or the other -- I want to know what is
with the stupid monkey.

Time to go. But no need to worry, we Chris and I will return to this
same station. I can't promise anything about Jose, he can find his own
way to the Internet.  By the way, you should check out my brother in
Calgary. He might be able to get you into some of those wild Stampede


Jason, Chris, and Jose

My comments:  The Dan and Liz thing is safe with me.  Toodles?

From Sheela Das (QMBA 97) in Toronto

From: Sheela Das <>
To: "TK (E-mail)" <>
Subject: Hey Tommy
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 14:27:50 -0400

Hey Tommy,

Where the hell are you?  I decided I needed to take a break from work, so I went to your web page hoping for a few laughs, and no update.  So, are you really hungover or have you met a woman?  We had our first Toronto 0.4% on Saturday night -just wasn't the same without you.  The turnout was pretty good, about 30 people including mates, friends, etc.  There was at least 1 person from every team, except for Team 5 -very disappointing! So, are you going to stop in Toronto on your way to wherever you are going (just where does this road trip end)? Are you ever going to get a job...remember that work thing that most people do? You know, I just realized that your entire field project team is still unemployed -must be a relationship between beer consumption and unemployment.  Well, I've got to get back to work.  Take care & keep in touch.


My comments:  It's about time I heard from you, Sheela.  Yes, I miss the 0.4% club. As to where the roadtrip ends,  I am diligently looking for employment in Calgary.  The roadtrip will officially end when I find employement or the year 2000 (my software isn't proofed for the millenium changed), whichever comes first.  Too bad about Team 5, mine.

Special July 8 morning update

From Mike Hannan

X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 2.2 (32)
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 09:17:12 -0400
From: Michael Hannan <>
Subject: Boobs and soforth revision


The problem with being a boob is that it's not much fun
for anybody unless there is another boob around to play with.
I'll just have to bare this breast er burden.  Of course in Ontario
it is now legal for me to go out in public.

Sorry I hurt your feelings TK by flashing myself alongside with my general
unpleasantness, I just thought you might find a pair of other boobs along
the way and want to titallate your readers by keeping them abreast
of the situation.  BBQ's are great but sometimes people want to hear
about the boobs you meet too.

As for Netscape I'm glad to see that the recent 2 week stock performance
has objectively and quantifiably settled the situation.  Technical analysis
shows a trading pattern commonly referred to by analysts as twin peaks which in
the past has indicated a long term sagging trend unless propped up by an
of capital from the silicon industry.  When this is considered in
conjunction with
the cogent rebuttal from Mr. Halstead and yourself, I most obviously stand


PS, up until the last e-mail I thought I was behaving in a most non booblike and
courteous manner.  But then I read Halstead's SHOUTING and you know what they
say; All it takes is two boobs to reveal themselves and pretty soon things start
busting out all over.

July 12 Evening Update

 Hello all from Edmonton, Alberta. I am visiting my brother, sister-in-law and two nieces. Here are some pictures I took an hour ago.

(l to r - Heather, Stephanie, Leslie and John)

Stephanie Kingston, age 7

Leslie Kingston, age 6

Heather, age ??

John, my brother, age 40

I arrived in Edmonton yesterday afternoon around 2:00 p.m. As I entered Edmonton and stopped at the first stop light, my oil light flickered. Damn, I thought, not again!! I immediately pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. I popped the hood and saw the oil filler cap was missing. I guess I forgot to put the cap back on when I put in a litre of oil in Calgary; the cap was caught in a nearby wire harness. I walked to a nearby gas station, bought three litres of oil, and called my brother for the emergency rescue. He came by and we drove back to the car. I put all three litres of oil in (Oil capacity is 3-1/2 litres). I started the engine and everything appeared to work fine. This is the second time I have driven the old sprint low on oil; it's just like the Energizer Bunny - it keeps going and going and going.... John said I took 50,000 km off the engine. I said I figured it didn't have 50,000 km left before. If I make it back to Calgary, the sprint will last the rest of the roadtrip at least.

The reason I mentioned "not again" is that I have quite a history of running engines low on oil. When I was 14, I ruined our Volkswagen dune buggy engine when I ran it for a 1/2 an hour while the oil light flickered off and on. It stalled out on a hill so I left it for an hour, came back, added some oil and drove it back to where I had secretly taken it from ( I was 14 and was forbidden to drive the dune buggy). My father later told me that when he started the engine some days later he couldn't believe the sounds coming from the engine. I, of course, played dumb and said the engine was probably due for an overhaul)

Okay, back to earlier this week. On Tueday night, I completed the final touches on my reseme. Wednesday afternoon, I donned my suit and pounded the pavement delivering 25 resumes to investment dealers in Calgary. I think I was the only one with a suit on in Calgary that day with the Stampede going on. Thursday night, Anne Marie and her friend Marietta, and I went to see Burton Cummings at the stampede. Last night, Heather and John had a barbecue. We had Thai food. Believe or not, we had satay sauce and chicken. The first time I had this food was during a Thailand presentation during my MBA program. On Friday night, John and a friend of his, Trevor, went to Friar Tuck's and played pool. I think John had a slight edge on the number of wins, but it was very close.

This afternoon, John, Stephanie, and Leslie went to see the movie "A Simple Wish". It was fun. I hope John, Leslie, and Stephanie take me again. They said they would if I was good. After the movie, we had another barbecue. What a barbecue lifestyle I'm leading these days!!! I also played around with my borther's computer. He has a Roger's wave cable modem... pretty fast. I would guess it to be four or five times faster than the ethernet connection we had in the MBA clasroom or in residence.

I have a few pictures of my niece, Laura, in Calgary but I don't have them here.  I will include them in one of my updates from next week. 

The Mail Bag

From Tim Winn (QMBA97  who works for IBM Calgary)

X-Originating-IP: []
From: "tim winn" <>
Subject: Re:
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:59:39 PDT


If you are still around WHEN I GET BACK give me a call - IBM
decided to send me to Toronto for Stampede week. I get back on the 13th.



From Mike Hannan in Toronto

X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 2.2 (32)
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 11:22:20 -0400
To: (threeisl)
From: Michael Hannan <>
Subject: More Good Unsolicited Advice


What are you doing up so early?  It makes me feel better
to know you are getting up like the rest of us.

Check out Metronet in Calgary.  They are based in Calgary, just raised
$50 million and are building local fibre rings in Canadian cities to
compete for local voice and data services with major Telco carriers.

They are doing what MFS (Metropolitan Fibre Systems) did in the US and
allowed them to go from $0 to $1 Billion in 5 years. (Check
if you want to know about the MFS story).

They are expanding and hiring and probably need financial analysts to
evaluate major capital projects.

Just a thought.


My comments:  Mike, you are being quite nice today.  Are you feeling alright? 

From Jo Ann Kingston Reichers on Vancouver Island

Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 20:06:00 -0700
From: JoAnn Kingston Riechers <>
Organization: McMaster University
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01 (Win95; I)
Subject: Calgary


How long will you be in Calgary?  Pat is now
posted to the booming metropolis of Ear Falls,
Ontario (one hour north of sunny Dryden),  so the
dogs and I will be leaving our beloved Vancouver
Island on Friday.  We will be driving to Edmonton
to stay at Pat's family's place ( they are in
Germany for the summer) until he finds us suitable
accomodations.  This may take quite a while since
we have been quite spoilt living on the Island.  I
figure he must find us a palace to make up for the
lost of scenry.

Let me know how long you plan to be there.

Take care,  JoAnn

PS If you are tired of you sprint,  we are
selling our luxurious 1991 Mazda 323.  It only
has 245,000 kms on it too and only slightly

My comment:  Was the Mazda ever run low on oil? 

From Bill Bull (QMBA97) in Detroit Michigan

From: <>
Comments:     Converted from OfficeVision/VM to RFC822 format by PUMP V2.2X
Date:         Wed, 9 Jul 97  10:47:22 EDT
Subject:      Mr. Kingston I presume
To: <>

Hello TK, its Mr Bull calling.  So where the hell are you?  I have been hearing
 stories about you going all over God's creation and putting it on a web page.
 Have you no work to do?  Where about's are you living?  I've been in Detroit e
vere since school finished.  Things aren't too rosy here because they have cut quite a few programs and
 people have been let go.  So I don't know whether I should complain or not.  S
o how goes it with you?  My number in Detroit is (home) and
 (work).  Sandy and I have a place togehter.  Anyways, thought I'd drop y
ou a line.  Let me know what's going on.  I haven't had a good game of pool sin
ce I left school.


My comments: Good to hear from you Bill... It looks like those Queen's students are coming out of the woodwork now since I berated them for not e-mailing the roadtrip page.  Bill is probably a slightly better pool player than I, but I always play hard against him and usually win.  Bill holds himself back from getting really mad.  It's fun to watch. 

From George and Nancy in Evanston, Illinois

Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 17:34:59 -0400
From: Nancy Slichenmyer <>
Subject: Thanks..............&...What went wrong??
To: threeisl <>

   Hope all is going well...I haven't had a chance to check up mon the Road
Trip since you were partying with  John in BC.   Sounded as thow you guys
were getting along quite well.
   Thanks alot for posting that question on the board and then passing
along the info but I've gotta tell you what happened...I down loaded the
764drv to the Temp 1 folder but when I tried to open the file I got the box
with a red circle,  the message said....
               "C:\Temp1\    is not a valid Win 32 application"
I thought that maybe I wasn't trying to open it properly so I went back to  and when asked if i wanted to say it to
disk for safty I changed it to OPEN, got the file and as soon as it was
downloaded the same Not Valid Win 32 application message flipped up.
     I hadn't tried to run on 16 true color in a while and after switching
the same problem happened, I switched back to 256.
     Someone told me the problem has to do with video memmory,  ie.  not
any suggestions would be appciated but to tell you the truth for most of my
needs things are working fine.
    Believe it or not the printer problem was a bad parallel cable.  Tried
a different one and it's been working fine.  What i want now is for someone
to show me how to use it as a fax in conjuntion with my moden...I know it's
possible but manuals drive me nuts.
   Nance says she has to work late tonight so if I get a min. I check out
the road trip.
                                                            thanks again
for the info
                                                             I'v got the
file, now it's just putting it to use.
My comments: Those video problems can be a real nightmare.  Good Luck, George 

From my Dad in Newcastle, NB

X-Sender: (Unverified)
X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Light Version 3.0.1 (32)
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 12:53:22 -0300
From: (redoak)
Subject: Re "c:\eudora\attach\have your guests arrived and do"

Nice to hear from you John. The freeloafer & freeloader and you will have a
great time this weekend.

Terry left here Saturday. I asked Tommy to send a copy of an email I sent
him to you I guess he was busy at the Stampeed. Terry left with a Monitor "
15" Nec 4fg", a 486 66MHz cpu with 14.4 modem, various other hardware and
soft ware. We know the above arrived, and is in Spokane. The Monitor is
very suceptable to static electricity and turns pink. The cpu and all cards
except the modem are brand new used less than ten hours, the hard disk a
wopping 420 Megs is at least 5 years old. It needs to be fined tuned a bit.
There is a Windows 95 cd disk included. The authentizing nomber is marked
on the back of the case.

In light of the immediate problems, since Anne Marie only needs a regular
everyday monitor- Terry may switch one of his 6 monitors for the Nec 4Fg.
He may also switch the cpu. I would encourage this switching.

You, Tommy and Terry see that something gets to Anne Marie and works
properly. I dont think she could handel a monitor that turns pink. Terry
may try and repair it, it could be the cable between the monotor and the
cpu is faulty??
After you have a few beers ask Tommy how I used to fix the pink condition
with a piece of wire, string, rope, haywire, or any thing I could pull on
the cable betweer the computer and the monitor.

What do I do to access "C:\eudora\attach\have your guests arrived and do"
This must be some Greek way of handling attachments. I have dealt with
attachments before but dont seem to be able to figure this one out.

Note to Terry Good going getting the computer to Spokane.
 to Tommy Repap sold all operations in USA and Manitoba and is going to
keep Miramichi for the forseable future with their one billion debt.

See You Guys, Enjoy Dad

My comments:  The surprise computer for Anne Marie is no longer a surprise.  I told her about it a week ago.  I didn't know it was supposed to be a surprise so I just told her.  She kept asking "What computer?"  Sorry.... 

From Alan Thomas in Malaysia (This is funny)

From: "Thomas, Allan" <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: RE: Al, permission to print this much only
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 17:56:53 -0600
X-Mailer:  Microsoft Exchange Server Internet Mail Connector Version 4.0.994.63

>>I have a story you will appreciate. We went to the Canadian Embassy
>>"Canada Day" party last Friday. It was at a trade representative's
>>house. We wanted to make sure we upheld the fine name of the UVic MBA
>>school!!! So we decided to get gooned before we got there being the
>>smart people we are (mickeys of rye cost 5.50 ringett[C$3.00] and we had
>>numerous). Anyway, we're at the party and I was chatting about something
>>and I flung my hands around and knocked my roommates drink flying
>>(literally up in the air). It ended up soaking about 5-10 people in our
>>area. They had to turn on the lights and clear the dance floor so they
>>could mop it up. Needless to say, they were not happy. Anyway, I told
>>them to relax because they would have been much wetter if they were on a
>>log ride at Disneyland!!! For some reason, that didn't really help
>>things and they really didn't talk to our group too much after that! Go
>>So, later on, one of us stumbled and bumped into Marie (roommate #2)
>>and knocked out her diamond earring. Again, they had to clear the dance
>>floor and turn on the lights to look for the earring. At this point, I
>>think the UVic reputation was out the door! BUT, we needed a "Grande
>>finale" before departing. At the end of the night Gord and Jill
>>(roommates#3&4) are doing some dancing. They were dipping a few times and
>>that went well. Unfortunately though, the last dip was too close to the
>>patio door. Gord dipped Jill down and her head shattered the patio door
>>glass! I looked over to see Gord with a chunk of glass in his back (only
>>needed a few stitches) and glass everywhere. For some reason, the four
>>of us were offered a drive home shortly after that!!!
>>My only thoughts going home were "Gee, I wonder what my chances for a
>>position with external affairs will be like after graduation?".
>>Take care TK and continue with the updates. We'll see you in about a month.
>>Alan Thomas
My comments:  Al, I thought I was fortunate to stretch my adolescence well into my twenties.  You're into your thirties aand you're still going.  He just keeps going and going and going.....

From Heather Kingston in Edmonton, AB

From: "John Kingston" <JFKingston@MSN.COM>
To: <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 16:12:43 -0600
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Internet Mail 4.70.1161

HI. It's Heather Kingston Tom's sister in law. John's other Half
I've just read through your trip. I'm not one for being on the internet but
the rain is coming down in buckets. Great stuff Tom. Highly entertaining .
I wanna be a groupie too. Is this an unofficial virtual Kingston reunion?

I say hello to all the folks reading this. Take Care Tom and I look forward
to more updates as well as reading John Vickers lastest scenarios. Later

My comments:  This was sent June 20, but recieved from my mail server only yesterday... must have been in e-mail purgatory. 

From John Vickers in White Rock, BC

X-Mailer: Prodigy Internet GW(v0.9beta) - ae01dm04sc03
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 18:42:49, -0500
Subject: hi


Calgary (CP): Despite marginal improvements in the nations
unemployment picture, job growth continues to be somewhat stagnant in
southern Alberta.  One local pan handler found in a southside park is
indicative of many trying to find work in the current economy.
Thomas Kingston, 35, of no fixed address, arrived in the city several
weeks ago and says its been tough slugging.

"I sold everything I had, even my.....Sprint", he said, his voice
stammering slightly.  "The only good news, is that I am becoming
pretty good at squirrels...had a tasty one on the camp fire last
night".  His voice lowered as he continued... "...was able to spruce
it up with some ketchup packets behind the KFC over yonder - you know
this just ain't fair".

Kingston believes he was drawn to the region by misformation about
the job market.  "These westerners are perpetrating a cruel joke on
us easterners", he says.  "We vote liberal in Ontario and this is the
thanks we get - BBQ'd squirrel..."

He interrupted himself and his weary eyes lit up as he saw something
move slightly in nearby fir tree.  "I gotta go", and with that he was
off into a thicket..

Stats Canada says although things are improving job wise, it may take
a few months yet before Alberta feels a noticeable improvement.

(How goes it TK!!! - im me)


My comments:  Looks like we might have the winnnng contribution to the web page so far

 July 16 Evening Update

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